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Pembletons Are Go!

This was the title given to a newsletter created by Ian Hainsworth in 1999 for people interested in Pembletons. It started with a small circulation with a subscription to cover costs. The newsletter has since evolved into a web-based version which is available to all.

Who are we?

We are an informal group of people who share a common interest in this Citroën 2CV based car. There is no committee, no officers, no membership and hence no fees. People organise various activities with the main objective of having fun! Have a look at the newsletters in the archive and at the forum to get an idea of our activities. The forum is a great source for information and advice for constructors. These pages are owned and developed by Pembleton enthusiasts.

What is a Pembleton?

The Pembleton is a single donor (Citroën 2CV) kit car designed and marketed by Phil Gregory and can have either three or four wheels. The original trike was designed, built and on the road in three weeks. It looks rather like a Morgan trike from the 1920s and 30s but does not attempt to be a replica. Every car is personalised by the builder and no two cars are exactly the same.

A Pembleton is constructed on a space frame chassis unlike a Lomax or Burton which use the original Citroën 2CV chassis. The gearbox, steering, brakes, front suspension, half or all of the rear suspension, wiring loom, electrical parts and lots of other parts come from a Citroën 2CV donor. The front suspension geometry is modified to improve the roadholding of the vehicle. The engine can be from a 2CV but people have installed BMW and Moto Guzzi engines for more performance and appearance.

All of the body is hand made out of aluminium either using precut panels or cut from sheet from patterns. This includes flooring, bulkheads and front wings. There are no compound curves apart from the nose cowl which is copper, made from the top of a domestic hot water tank. Seats are made to fold forward to give access to the boot area.

I want one - how can I get one?

The car either has to be built from scratch with a suitable donor and a chassis kit, bought second-hand (cars appear on our forum 'buy and sell' section and ebay etc) or a buy a turn-key car.

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