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An appearance by No2 at the Kit Car show brought favourable response with a never ending stream of visitors to the stand at least 200 leaflets were given out to enthusiasts of 3-.wheeler special Now back home In a secret location in Yorkshire work on the body work is progressing with the fitment of the front bulkhead and glove box. The sidepanels are cut and formed as is the 'flair' for around the cockpit. Sharing the garage with No2 is No3 belonging to Barry Houlden. Bayry is busying himself at the moment cleaning suspension parts and painting them to concours standard. (He does have the drying facility of a warm kitchen though!! How does he do that?) The stripdown of Barry's donor only took a couple of days, stopping only for cups of tea and to put o'ut the fire in Barry's trousers after over enthusiastic use of the angle grinder to remove the spring cannisters. Old Nol continues to give Phil reliable transport even the bale of hay on the rack is no problem. News of No4 has just reached me WATCH THIS SPACE! SEC

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