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This edition - All the latest news from around the country, 'Skid' solves a couple of problems with 'autojumble' carburettors, readers contributions, exciting news on the development of the website, and I'm joined in the news office by Basil Splutterpipe who will be writing occasional jottings on anything related to 3 wheel motoring and his old Brooklands mechanic 'Clatterport ' who has a cogitation for you to think about over your evening cocoa. You will also find enclosed an entry form for the 'Park Rash Re-visited' run. Organised by the Pembletons are Go ! team I hope you can make it. If you are interested get in touch and I'll send more details. Don't forget I need all your news and views. I'd also be interested to know what you'd all like to read about. Is the format of the newsletter to your liking ? Does anyone else want to write regular articles ? Let me know at - 'Pembletons are Go !' 15 Cornwall Crescent. Baildon. West Yorkshire. BD17 5LT or email News from the North No2 - A weekend away in No2 taking in some of the best scenery in the Yorkshire Dales saw the oil comsumption rise quite alarmingly. Clouds of smoke from the offside exhaust while waiting at traffic lights wasn't a good sign. I stopped looking behind it was embarrassing The oil light flickering as we pulled up back home I think was traced to a bad connection in the fuse box, but never the less I'll have to have a look at the condition of the piston rings over winter. Another job will be to fit my new 'Brooklands cans' supplied by Pembleton Motor Co. I've got it on good authority that the noise level will be 'pleasant' That’s great because the B.S.A. pattern silencers I'm using are a bit loud on a long journey. The last job on the list at the moment is to improve the gear change, the rubber bush linkage piece between the lever and the stick is on its last legs and needs replacing, I'm wondering if I can make it really slick and racy by using a rod end bearing instead. Lucky No3 - A conversation with Grasshopper' builder Peter Keightley resulted in Barry becoming the proud owner of an assortment of green leather seat panels that used to make up the back seat of a Daimler Sovereign. Peter's upholsterer had decided that the panels were not suitable for the job and had returned them in a dustbin liner after making several 'modifying' cuts. Did we know anyone who wanted them ? You bet ! ! ! On opening the dustbin liner we could see why Peter was upset. They must have looked a treat. A lot of crafty sewing is going to be required to put this lot back together. Watch this space to see how we get on. What a challenge ! ! The rest of the car is coming on brilliant. All aluminium body panels now in place, the engine is a runner after a bit of carb tuning (see Skid's tips ) the wiring is complete and working. Jobs to do - Exhaust pipes and silencers to fit , screens required, interior to sort, fuel filler required. That’s about it. Will we have a picture of No3 complete in the next newsletter - Hope so ! A Website to share - Understanding the internet better than I do Glyn Webster has kindly volunteered to help out with the website. It now contains a section for owners cars, diary dates, and what's new. Fancy seeing your car on the web ? Then send a good quality digital picture to Glyn at the address below and he'll do the rest. Doesn't matter if its not completely built yet this section is for you all to use and enjoy. A few build details as well would be nice. Check the site out a couple of you guys are already on. Update due within the next couple of weeks. Help Glyn to develop the site further, send your ideas to and you too could be a star on Optional Extras now available from the Pembleton Motor Co 'V' Screen and brackets £185 Hood and Sidescreens £230 Hood frame £65 Tonneau cover £77 Seats £115 Ready Laser-cut panels £285 Rolled Louvered Bonnet Wire wheel -Silver comp' with adapt Knock on each £195 Wire wheel - Chrome comp' with adapt Knock on each £270 Adjustable Gas Shock Absorber each £50 Rack brackets £8 Aero Screen each £65 Brass Badge Ring Phil on 01299 832944

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