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This edition - All the latest news from around the country,'Skid' helps Glyn with a tip, another cogitation from our old ex 'Brooklands' mechanic 'Crackleport' , resident columnist Splutterpipe has more jottings and of course all your correspondance. I've also included another entry form for the 'Dales Run' hope you can all make it. Finally, as I always say - "Don't forget I need all you news and views" send them all to me at - Pembletons are Go ! 15 Cornwall Crescent, Baildon, West Yorkshire. BD17 5LT or email Pembleton Super Sport on test - Did you see the January edition of 'Which Kit' magazine ? On the front cover under the heading 'Barmy' was Phils demo model. Road tested inside by magazine journalist Adam Wilkins the article was extremely accurate, describing in great detail the development and make up of the Super Sport. Various shots of both the demo car and Old No1 accompanied the 5 page article . Make sure you have a copy in your collection ! Whats happening at H.Q. - Phil tells me that he has devised a way of attaching the standard carburettor and manifold into the Super Sport. If you fancy going this route instead of twin carburettors then why not get in touch with him for further details. No3 - Silk purse or Sows ear ? In the last edition I promised a picture of No3 complete, well we've been working jolly hard to make sure I kept my word. Saturday 26th January was the big day that No3 came out of the garage for the first time for a trip down to the weighbridge to start the registration process. As always seems the case when you take a brand new car out for the first time the weather was really poor. Barry came armed with loads of protective sheets for use should the rain start but we managed to dodge the thundery showers and get our all important weight certificate. A thorough check over before the MOT and fill the necessary forms in for the licencing office and we are there. Do you remember in the last edition we were going to try make something of the green leather seat sections we had been given by Peter Keightley. I can report that the project was a complete success. The seat bases are actually cut down 2CV seats. Lowered to the point where 'ones bottom' nearly touches the floor and narrowed to fit in the cockpit the cut sections were then welded back together, re-fitted with a cut down and resewn centre section and original rubber band springs. Upholstered in the much modified ex-Daimler leather I reckon we really have made a silk purse out of a sows ear ! Too cold ! Soldiering through a cold spell in Sheffield that was so severe paint wouldn't brush out and silicone sealer wouldn't set Glyn Webster is now making excellent progress. Having fitted all the suspension, steering and rear brake pipes Glyn has now turned his attention to the aluminium work. The floor pan flanges are done and the footwells turned out a treat thanks to his Black and Decker workmate which clamped the section firmly as he bent all the angles. Next on the work list is the rear floor, but before fitting Glyn is going to cut an access hole for the fuel sender which will make fitting a replacement easy should it ever develop a fault. An area that Glyn is putting a lot of effort into is the dash, he wants to achieve a minimalist vintage look and arriving daily in the post are all sorts of period style switches and gauges. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished article. Skid's Hot Tip- Its suprising how high a temperature silicone sealer can stand. So much in fact that you should find it ideal for sealing the exhaust to silencer joint. An even smear around the pipe before fitting the silencer and clamping should stop any exhaust condensation splattering the well polished body of your 'Hopper'

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