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This edition - All the latest news from around the country, resident columnist 'Splutterpipe' has more jottings, 'Brooklands' mechanic 'Crackleport' reports on his mission to Stoneleigh, the start of a build story by Rob Andrew, builders tips, and another weekend workshop. Don’t forget I need all your news and veiws, send them all to me at- Pembletons are Go !' 15 Cornwall Crescent, Baildon. West Yorkshire. BD17 5LT or email News from H.Q - All those who visited the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show will for sure have seen the new Pembleton. called a 'Brooklands' the car is 2CV based but has extra power supplied by a tuned BMW 900cc engine. More details can obviously be obtained by contacting Phil at the Pembleton Motor Co. Hopefully within the next few weeks we will have some stunning pictures on the website. No3 Maiden Run - As you may have seen from the website No3 is now road legal. The maiden run was a trip around the local Yorkshire countyside taking in the most challenging route we could find. The ford at Bolton Abbey was breached in one gigantic splash as the 'Hopper' accelerated for the steep climb out which leads onwards and upwards to the small hamlet of Storiths. Previously, during the run for the MOT the car developed a mysterious loss of power despite tickover being excellent. We stripped the slides out of the carbs thinking one may have stuck. No they were free, more headscratching before we noticed that one carb butterfly wasn't opening when we revved the motor. The cable had jumped off the throttle pedal. Once hooked back on the Hopper really flew bringing a smile to Barry's face as he drove it home for the first time. Off the secret list - How many of you show visitors spotted the polished aluminium rocker covers on the Super Sport ? Under development at Pembleton H.Q. for some time under the code name 'B.C' the polished dome front and the rakish finning on the back really look the business. Once again ring Phil at the Pembleton Motor Co for further details on how you too can be sporting a pair this summer. (Apologys for photo it's the best I have - Ed) Top Tips - Thanks to Pembleton builder Mark Richardson for the following tips which should help all those who are about to strip the donor vehicle - 1) I found that when stripping the donor (mine was a Dyane 6) it was a great help to cut an approx 6" square (in the bulkhead from the engine side) around the grommet where the wiring loom passes through the bulkhead. I did this using an angle grinder, taking care not to set the sound proof lagging on fire. The 6" square of 'tin' can then be disconnected from the grommet with a set of tin snips. This then allows the loom to be pulled straight through the bulkhead without having to disconnect anything at all. This also just adds that bit of confidence in that you know all the connections are as they should be. 2) I also disconnected the steering arms from the front hubs at the top (where the two bolts are secured with a tab washer) and removed the suspension arms, hubs and drive shafts complete. These are much easier to strip down in a large vice than in sit-u. I found the king pin drift set from ECAS a great help. I had the king pins out in about 5 minutes each side. Website report - Glyn Webster I am pleased with the way the website has been received, but especially in the way the forum has been used. I would like to see more use of this to exchange veiws, build tips etc. It was suggested that the 'Whats new' page could be used for exciting build ideas, what is the view of the readership ? I hope to be able to update the website in the next few weeks, so if any member has any more photos of cars, projects or build ideas they think would interest the rest of us, please send them either to me, or via the newsletter editor. The update will include photos of the new car, if any of you missed it at Stoneleigh show you missed a treat. Hopefully you will get a flavour when the pictures are published. This website was built to advertise the 'Pembleton' and for the enjoyment of owners but we need input to make it a real success. Contact me at - Carry on pembling Glyn

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