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This edition – The first from your new editor Algernon ‘Oddball’ Headerbox along with the usual piece from resident columnist 'Splutterpipe', 'Brooklands' mechanic 'Crackleport' on his Foreign Affair with the roads of France. The continuation of a build story by Rob Andrew, and a new addition the transatlantic connection from David Goodsir, ( we also have two more US residents on our records, hopefully they may contribute to our newsletter) plus an account of ‘Park Rash’. Don’t forget I need all your news and views, send them all to me at- ‘Pembletons are Go !’ 280 Bannerdale Road, Sheffield S11 9FE or email Caption Competition - Thank you for all the entries, the winner picked by the editorial staff on one of their late night meetings is:- ‘Dumped abruptly by her alien abductors, Kirsty struggles valiantly to release her head from between the seat cushions’ This entry from our American connection – David Goodsir No 19 Now Official and Legal After what must have been a very disappointing scheduled finish date being missed for what was one of the most exciting and exhilarating outings Number 19 is now ready and on the road, Entry No.1 for next year eh!! Brian? - read Brian’s account of his sojourn on the ‘Park Rash Re-visited’ outing. Out into the Yorkshire sunshine for the first time Down in sunny Sheffield (well it was when the photo’s were taken) Number 34 rolled out into the light for the very first time. At this stage it is a momentous progression with the build, still a long way to go, but nice to know that it is getting there, slightly behind schedule as most builds are but well on the way. Request from your new Editor – Since I have started my build and had my general interest aroused in all things Pembleton, I have wondered if the Owners and Builders of the Super Sport would like to see a comprehensive listing of Owners and the respective Chassis Number of their Hoppers. I think it would raise an interest especially if Owners/Builders realised where each of them was respectively and could perhaps communicate with each other rather than just through the newsletter. Personally speaking I would like to compile perhaps a photographic list of all the Super Sport Chassis’s for hopefully the enjoyment of every Owner. Website report - Glyn Webster There have been one or two additions to the site over the last few weeks, have you found them? I hope that the members who have access to the Web Site find it interesting, but it is aimed at Owners and Builders, so to maintain the interest and hopefully hook a few more enthusiasts I need input from you so that the view is not one sided and does not become ‘stale’ so if any member has any more photos of cars, projects or build ideas they think would interest the rest of us, please send them to me either by email or by snailmail. Contact me at - Carry on pembling Glyn

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