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This edition – The first of a new section on the ‘Brooklands’ contribution by Konrod Pistonslap. You editor Algernon ‘Oddball’ Headerbox has his say along with the usual piece from resident columnist 'Splutterpipe. The continuation of a build story by Rob Andrew and Another postcard from America. Don’t forget I need all your news and views, send them all to me at- ‘Pembletons are Go !’ 280 Bannerdale Road, Sheffield S11 9FE or email Five in a Pembleton - Thank you for the picture of Primrose Nick, this surely has to be a first, unless any of you people out there know differently of course. Algernon The rise of the ’Phoenix’ Dear Algernon, Here is the finished car! (except for the luggage rack, which is still at the planning stage) Just a quick tour of the pics - seats (like the interior side panels) are Jag leather on a plywood base. The back of the seat back is covered in the same vinyl as the underside of the dash, with some tool clips holding the wheelbrace and jack handle. The jack is also there, (held by a small leather strap made from the bonnet strap off-cuts). The dash is straight grain walnut from the base of an old wardrobe, the dials are GS and the switches and interior light are just scavenged from autojumbles. The 2CV steering wheel is used, with an engraved aluminium cap over the Citroen logo! Eventually the rim will be string bound. Moving outside the car - note of course a split bonnet, A35 sidelights which actually indicate and some lovely Morris 8 KOTR headlamps (found on a 2CV of all things). The fan belt cover is made from the same copper water tank as the cowl! It looks very Edwardian with its brass bolts. You can also see clearly the wooden rear lamp bar - I don't know how yours will look, but at least this is an improvement over the 2CV lights! Just one final point - we mixed parts of the front and rear seat belts to make adjustable non-inertia-reel 3-point belts. We tried the inertia reels, but they didn't retract very well at all. I got the idea from Mike Scott's, which has something similar. Hope something there is of use - I'm looking forward to seeing how yours will be finished, and also looking forward to actually meeting some other 'Pemblers' next summer, Cheers Alex. (Thanks Alex for the information, I am sure it will be an inspiration to some other builders. Algernon) Progress on Number 34 – Algernon’s Own Just to show you all that your editor is also a builder, a progress picture of No. 34 once again out in the Sheffield sunshine. As you can see the wiring is complete apart from more loom tape, just to tidy things up a bit. You will also note that I have gone for a twin coil and twin electronic points assisted ignition set-up. Algernon ‘Oddball’ Headerbox Another Caption Comp! A contribution from Konrod Pistonslap, I am sure there will be numerous captions, some humorous, some serious, some slightly offbeat and certainly some that cannot be printed. I will have a word in Konrod's ear to see if he has any prize to put up for the best. Algernon Also included is a bit of Yuletide fun with Konrod’s quiz

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