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Headerbox has his say along with the usual piece from resident columnist ’Crackleport’. The continuation of a build story by Rob Andrew and Another postcard from America. Don’t forget I need all your news and views, send them all to me at- ‘Pembletons are Go !’ 280 Bannerdale Road, Sheffield S11 9FE or email Pembleton Owners: It has been suggested that Owners/Builders of ‘Pembletons’ might like to form their own marque club. If you have any suggestions for or against, or any ideas to contribute, forward them to Algy’s Towers and I will pass them on to the people who have suggested this idea for further perusal. Algernon Progress on Number 34 – Algernon’s Own - Well the build is complete, that is for total legal use anyway, still lots of things to play with, add, take off and change etc, etc: As you will see from the last photo, it is now painted, hand painted at that, non of your fancy spray things here thank you very much, in fact, except for a drill for the rivets and a jigsaw for the formers, everything was cut, formed and built using hand tools, and reet proud on it so I am tha nos’. Driving is a real buzz, especially sliding into corners as you press on, due to the crossply tyres of course, gives it that vintage feel. I was sorry to have missed the Stoneleigh show, this was due to that other activity called work, gets in the way of all my fun, so I apologise to those whom I was going to meet and greet, I hope you all had a wonderful time. It was to be my first long run in ‘Pootle’ (as she is affectionately now called) so now I will have to find another show, maybe Newark, meet some contacts there? I have found that driving around locally usually causes quite a stir, you get people waving and shouting, horses running amok, dogs barking and cowering behind bushes, and sometimes passers-by leaping out in front of you, even the old bill is known to pull you over to have a reet good gander and glean all, and any information they can, or whatever you are prepared to part with. It can be nice on a fine sunny day when just out and about, but a bit of a bugger when it is peeing it down, don’t you know, then Algy gets his feathers a bit ruffled, and abrupt answers seem to let them know you are miffed, but full throttle and that beautiful sound from the exhaust as you leave them with a cheery wave keeps them smiling, I hope. Keep on Pembling - Algernon ‘Oddball’ Headerbox Subscriptions – If you happen to have a subscription form enclosed with your copy of this news letter, then I am afraid it is time for renewal. Please forward your subs and renewal form to me at Algy’s Towers, the address is at the top of this page, and I will forward them on to the print department, thank you. Algernon Stop Press – There appears to be a bit of a glitch with the implementation of SVA. According to Phil he has had a letter stating that no cars can be registered between mid June and mid Aug because the company doing the work are behind schedule. Will keep you posted when we have more info. – Algernon Website report - Glyn Webster It has been reported to me that several of the members who have access to the web site have not been able to access the forum lately. I have checked this out and unfortunately the problems lie with Bravenet, the people who host the forum, so it is out of my control and all I can say is I am trying to resolve whatever the problem is, and the latest news is everything appears to be back to normal, unless you know otherwise!! Contact me at - Carry on pembling Glyn

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