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PEMBLETONS ARE GO! Autumn 2003 Issue 17 An Exclusive Newsletter For ‘Pembleton’ Enthusiasts Circulation 100 This edition – A personal tale of the ‘Brooklands’ build by Konrod Pistonslap. Your editor Algernon ‘Oddball’ Headerbox has his say along with the usual piece from resident columnist ’Crackleport’. The continuation of a build story by Rob Andrew and Another postcard from America. Don’t forget I need all your news and views, send them all to me at- ‘Pembletons are Go !’ 280 Bannerdale Road, Sheffield S11 9FE or email Number 34 – Algernon’s Own - Old Algernon was out on a sortie the other evening with a couple of like minded loony sorts, they own three wheelers as well, and we were having a reet good blast up and down the lanes, calling at welcoming hostelries on the way until we noticed it were dark. So we decided to wend our weary way to our respective abodes and set off in convoy as the light faded altogether, no problems, all the lights on, well… I had fitted standard 2CV headlights which looked alreet in’t daylight, but this was old Algy’s first sortie in’t dark and bless me owd cotton socks, could he see weeer he were going, no!!. During the next couple of days I was reading a mag and came across an advert for second-hand headlights, big, chrome and halogen, that’ll do fer me thought Algy, so beer vouchers were exchanged, the resulting articles now grace the front of Number 34, all we need now is another late night sortie to check them out. Keep on Pembling Algernon ‘Oddball’ Headerbox Number 18 takes to the road Hi, just dropping you a line to let you know that No. 18's out on the roads and to send you a few photos of the beast. Also, after reading issue 16 I think you ought to get Mick Thompson to do a page on 'how to make that steering wheel'. The photographs appeared a little washed out in my news sheet so I couldn't get a really good look at it, but what I could see looked rather good to me. Richard Wheeler. Chassis No. 43 Shown are a few of Richard Crew’s photos. Starting where we all start with the donor and finishing with the object of our dreams, the finished car. Also included is a photo that Richard sent showing his mod to eliminate the draught from between the aeroscreens. Algernon

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