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say along with the usual piece from resident columnist ’Crackleport’. The continuation of a build story by Rob Andrew and the only Pembleton in Canada Don’t forget I need all your news and views, send them all to me at- ‘Pembletons are Go !’ 280 Bannerdale Road, Sheffield S11 9FE or email A mere whippersnapper ! What Ho Algy! Since I'm writing, I worry that we, the Pembleton folk, are going our own way when there is already the CSC that covers us (I'm a member; joined before I bought my P) they're a bit staid and seem to have settled back to have French picnic tours but that doesn't mean that a new injection of blood wouldn't be a good thing. The problems being discussed on both forums are often similar, the CSC members include some really impressive people among the 'codgers'. It seems to me that all the 3-wheeler folk should be in a larger club rather than being lots of little ones; 'divide and rule' in reverse, it just seems a shame that we're 'splitting our fire. I'm not sure what I'm suggesting, but perhaps we could affiliate in some way, the editor of 'flat out' can rob 'Pembletons are Go' and vice versa, Pembletonners have access to the fact sheets the CSC produce, and so on. And not just us, but the Avion, BRA and so on people as well. A big club could have a much wider range of facilities. I fancy hill-climbing for instance. The CSC certainly need a shot in the arm. By the way, do you have any idea of the age spread of Pembleton builders? I'm beginning to think that at 46 I'm unusually young! Here's a couple of pics of my build; note the beetle back, Morris minor wheel and GS instruments in rosewood dash ( veneered ply from a broken up wardrobe; dunno how long it will last but it cost nothing!) David Gardiner. Thanks for your thoughts David. What do the ‘older‘ members feel about this young pup’s comments, please let me know. The full story of David’s build is in this issue. Like the wheel, did you have much trouble adapting the boss? : Algernon Website report - For those of you who have access to the web site, you may have noticed that there have been very few alterations or additions over the last couple of months, this is down to several facts, the least being that Algy is in the process of trying to purchase a new abode and time has been pressing, but mainly due to the fact that there have been several posts by trolls, people who are abusive, disruptive and downright ignorant. Measures were tried to stop this, to no avail, so the policy of leave alone and it will disappear was tried, and it seems to have worked. We are now in the process of building a new web site, but deciding on what content to include and how to present it is proving a bit of a challenge, so if any of you owners has any ideas, photos or any input you think might or should be on the web site, please let old Algy know. Contact me at - Carry on pembling Algernon ‘Oddball’ Headerbox Important Notice—Can I just add that as my house move looms close I may be temporarily out of contact, but if anyone has anything for the next issue, please keep sending it as my surface mail will be re-directed. Alternatively contact ’Crackleport’ on email at .

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