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This edition – Contributions from John Ward our resident ‘Brooklands’ columnist, a ‘moving tale’ from Algy, and as promised info from Crackleport on how to prepare your Hopper for a spot of motorsport. Regular contributor and Pembleton enthusiast David Goodsir sends a letter from America, owners and enthusiasts have their say in ‘Right to reply’ .(All I can say about that page is “Now now boys !!!” ) and there’s plenty of up to date news from the garages of builders around the country. New this edition ’Sporting Heroes’ and first off is a super tale of ‘daring do’ from the winter of 1936. I know Pembletons weren’t invented then but……...It’s the seat of the pants stuff that once you’ve driven a Pembleton you can relate to………..real home built vintage specials. Hopefully Robs build story covering the creation of the ‘Sardine’ will be back next time when Algy has unpacked his office. Ed’s Bit—Crackleport here—the house move has taken it’s toll on poor old Algy and he’s asked me to sit in as editor for this edition. It’s been quite a while since I’ve put a ‘Pembletons are Go !’ together so be prepared for a rough ride as I drag, drop, paste and insert into this issue all what’s new in the world of Pembletons. Hope you all enjoy my efforts ! So, because I’m the editor I have to go first and update you on my Pembling since the last issue. Unfortunately there hasn’t been any dramatic adventures since the hill climb at Wiscombe last year. We had a trip out in No2 on Christmas day into the Dales, taking in some of our favourite back roads around Beamsley Beacon, Bolton Abbey, and Burnsall. A stop on Bardon Moor for a quick snifter of Drambuie accompanied with a few ‘Marks and Spencer’s’ Belgium choccy biccies was our morning aperitif before making the dash home to settle in front of the fire and watch Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes. Hardly pushing Pembleton frontiers to the limit I know but most of 2003 was certainly action packed from where I sit in the cockpit, so a little break before setting the challenges for 2004 is allowed isn’t it guys ? Can I just take this opportunity to remind you all how the subs renewal system works so that nobody misses out in future.—You may have noticed a number on your envelope address label. This donates the issue that your subs are paid up to. It’s also a reminder for me to include a renewal form in your envelope when I’m licking the flaps and stamps of that issue. Foolproof ?? Well almost !!! My apologies to anyone who may have slipped the net while I tightened up my administration. If you know of any new builders/owners who are missing out as well drop me a line with an email or postal address and I’ll send them a sample. Stoneleigh –Sunday 2nd Monday 3rd May 2004. - Under the banner of ‘Pembleton Enthusiasts’ (a name which I thought encompassed who and what we are) I have booked our very own parking/meeting slot at the show. 25 cars I told them !!!! Don’t let me down !!!! Lets fill it up !!!! I’m unsure of the pitch number at the moment but I’ll keep you all updated via the forum with any further news. I believe the organisers start allocating areas and sending out passes mid April. Once again there will be a ‘Best in Show’ competition sponsored by Pembletons are Go ! on the Sunday so get polishing!!!!!! Algy and myself are planning to attending on the Sunday. We are certainly looking forward to seeing a few old faces and hopefully lots of new ones. We are allowed to pitch one meeting tent/gazebo on the pitch. If anyone is willing to take one they feel will be suitable and will protect us all from the blazing sun that would be great, but please contact me first. I’ve also enclosed with this newsletter a camping application form for anyone who fancies staying over and giving the show a real good look over. From the blurb I received it sounds like there is some sort of evening ‘entertainment’ Once again see you all there - Ed

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