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By popular demand A Special Edition of Pembletons are Go ! It’s cram packed full of news and motoring info, and presented with this edition is a fantastic free gift ‘Hills of Great Britain 1950’. Are the roads still there ? Go on, challenge your ‘Hopper’. Let me know I’ll publish the details. Starting this issue is a new feature called ‘Tech Tips’ put together by ‘Skid’ (he’s travelled more miles sideways than I have forward so it should be quite a column) As promised last month - what about No4 ? Well it’s going to be the Pembleton Motor Co’s posh new demonstator. Incorporating new weight saving and handling modifications the chassis is a work of art already painted, assembly will be starting soon. The donor vehicle is a well tried and tested competition car that has had several wins Off-road superbly driven by two ex-British champions and a motor cycle stunt man First at the finish The victorious crew Despite the cold weather conditions work in Yorkshire continues. No3 has been transferred to the upper floor of the workshop for painting, and the last few parts of the suspension will be de-rusted and painted in the next couple of weeks. No2 is still in the process of being skinned with aluminium. This is almost complete with just two wings and a bonnet to finish. We’re in the news again ! WHICH KIT ? December issue ‘SKIDS’ TECH TIPS- Are you suffering from the cold and wind ? Then old newspapers stuffed up your jumper should keep the cold out. Sorry- but I don’t have a cure for wind. Don’t buy penetrating oil. Make your own to this special formula- 6 parts paraffin to 1 part engine oil and leave to soak Have you any tips for Skid ? Send them to me and I’ll pass them on Any news or photo’s of your build too. Sec
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