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This edition – ‘What’s inside this edition you ask. Well where do I start ? There’s contributions from all the regular team of Konrod, Algy, David Goodsir and Crackleport. We’ve recruited (press ganged actually) a new columnist to continue writing the ‘Vintage Special’ articles, and there’s lots of pictures from Stoneleigh Kit Car Show. Don’t forget to check out the Barmy Army page for all the latest rally dates. Last but by no means least there’s a super article from Graham Vaughan Snr covering paint and bodywork which hopefully could become a regular feature. Don’t forget….. I need your articles or pictures…..any format is ok…..Doesn’t matter how small all articles are good articles. Contact any of the editorial team on the addresses at foot of this page.—Ed Eds Bit—Crackleport here !!!! Sitting in the Editorial seat for Algy again as he continues to submerge under a full rebuild. No. Not on the car but on his new abode. — it’s still rather chaotic at the Pembletons are Go ! News office. It’s surprising how a simple house move can cause such disruption. I’m not meaning Algys I’m now referring to my own ! To be honest I don’t think I’m going to be allowed to edit Pembletons are Go! in the lounge much longer !!!! It’s not the clatter of keys as I type at a professional 15 words a minute that is causing problems it’s the piles of printed A4 paper spread out in order awaiting collation. Oh well. Please don’t all beat me up when I tell you the last time I took the Pembleton out was to go to Stoneleigh over 6 weeks ago, let’s hope you are all getting out more and enjoying the summer weather. As you will all know I had organised a pitch for those attending Stoneleigh to meet on. Phew, turned out ok and surprisingly easy once I found the address of the promoter. Rather out of the way maybe but we were on a main pedestrian way from one of the car parks and there was a continual stream of visitors who were all extremely complimentary of the cars. My day started at 5.00 a.m. Along with Young Crackleport we made our way to my mums garage to pick up No2. Rather surprisingly the doors were open and we were greeted by mum in her dressing gown. I have a key but she had concerns whether the house alarm was linked to the garage etc ect etc. 47 years old and my mums waving me off !!!!!! As we pulled away I had thoughts back to childhood when she used to shout down the street after me ‘Have you got a clean hanky’. Oh no !!!!! not again. The only way to get into Stoneleigh without queuing is to be there before 9.00a.m. which is exactly what we managed to do. We hopped on the motorway, shuffled down behind the screens and headed in a Coventry direction. The journey was uneventful and we made good time. Not the first there though, that honour goes to Don Corbett. As we pulled up he was busy washing the mud of his Hopper. He’d arrived the previous night in a downpour and camped. Totally mad I say. Young Crackleport and myself certainly enjoyed the show, great to meet all the Pembletoneers both old and new and to look at your cars. It was an impressive turnout. Hope you enjoyed the Best in Show competition and thanks for casting your votes, it couldn’t happen without you. The photocopies of old Pembletons are Go ! newsletters which were free to anyone who visited our pitch seemed to go down well too. Finally I’d also like to thank Dave, Liz and Kirsty (on I’m sure everyone’s behalf) for providing another first class Pembleton Picnic. Well done. - Ed The editorial team at ‘Pembletons are Go!’ can be contacted at the following addresses Editor—Glyn Webster. 79 Providence Road, Walkley, Sheffield. S6 5BG Subs / Print co-ordinator– Ian Hainsworth. 15 Emmott Drive, Rawdon. Leeds. LS19 6RE Brooklands / SVA - John Ward. Vintage Specials—Neil Hainsworth.

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