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PEMBLETONS ARE GO! Autumn 2004 Issue 21 An Exclusive Newsletter For ‘Pembleton’ Enthusiasts This edition – As always contributions from the Pembletons are Go ! Team of Konrod, Algy, David Goodsir, Crews 11 4 and Gear Gnashing Neil. You guys have risen to the request to send articles as well and we have some real belters in print. Ralph Colombo not only sent an article on his newly acquired Brooklands but is also taking the first steps to organising an event. Look out for details of his plan inside. I hope he gets your support as there will be a lot of work making sure it happens. Please ! Please ! Let him know your thoughts. As promised in the last edition we have ‘Hot’ from the Netherlands the first instalment of ‘Timo’s BMW/Citroen gearbox conversion, and more paint shop tips from Graham Vaughan Snr. Ed’s Bit— It’s me Algy !!!!! Soon to be back in the editorial hot seat !!!!! Well !!!! The year rolls on and another edition is at last out to the readership, hopefully giving interesting views and tips, plus articles on builds and other assorted subjects. I hope the readership enjoy what is printed, because it gets increasingly difficult to gather information for articles to keep you reading the newsletter and maintaining your subscription. Pembletons are Go ! Is produced by enthusiasts for enthusiasts but here in the news office we do worry. We worry that we are not becoming ‘samey’ and repetitive. We worry because after every edition is printed we have nothing in the pot for the next one. A scary situation to be in !!!!!! In a moment of frustration can I stand on my soap box for a few seconds and ask all of you to help us guys out in the common cause of keeping your Pembletons are Go ! buzzing by sending a paragraph or two or a picture on what’s happening Pembleton wise down your neck of the woods. Send in any format to any address below. We hope to keep publishing on a regular basis and be a source of information for old hands and possibly new converts to the delights of Pembleton ownership. After all, we do have one of the best vehicles in the sector !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll stand down now, thanks for listening Keep on Pembling—Algy. Crackleport here !!!!!!!! Well what a hectic month– I just about get Pembletons are Go ! all typed and proof read and feeling pretty confident the hard works done and then ……..the p.c. catches one of these ‘wormy things’ from the internet and I have a wiped clean hard drive and no newsletter !!!! So sorry guys … It’s taken that long to re-type I haven’t had time to look in the ‘Famous Notebook’ for any renditions…. What do you mean hurray ! Worse still—Not only did the newsletter melt into the micro-circuitry inside this p.c. but also my list of subscribers addresses. So if you hear of anyone missing out please let me know and I’ll post straight away. The editorial team at ‘Pembletons are Go!’ can be contacted at the following addresses Editor—Glyn Webster. 79 Providence Road, Walkley, Sheffield. S6 5BG Subs / Print co-ordinator– Ian Hainsworth. 15 Emmott Drive, Rawdon. Leeds. LS19 6RE Brooklands / SVA - John Ward. Vintage Specials—Neil Hainsworth. Barmy Army /Rallies / Outings—Dave Millar

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