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This edition – Your editor Algernon ‘Oddball’ Headerbox has his say as he is back in harness at long last after his sabbatical (read house move, very long and protracted) along with the usual piece from resident columnist ’Crackleport’, Sporting Hero’s of yesteryear from Gear Nasher and all the other usual and interesting stuff, as well as a postcard from America. Don’t forget I need all your news send them all to me at- ‘Pembletons are Go !’ 79 Providence Road, Sheffield S6 5BG or email Number 34 – Algernon’s Own - It has been a bugger of a year for getting out and about in Pootle. To be perfectly frank, she has been nowhere at all, in fact to tell the truth, she will be going for her dreaded MOT in March (and this time Old Algy will make sure the buggers keep their sticky little fingers and size 10 bootees out and away from her) and the mileometer will only show about 30 miles more than last years certificate, it is enough to make a grown man cry. The move to the Lodge late last year has totally disrupted any thoughts of being able to get her out in the country lanes, and then on the couple of very few occasions when Algy fancied a bit of a blast, the bloody weather was absolutely diabolical, but I suppose it was the summer time, so mustn't grumble as they say, but Algy keeps saying ‘Why not?’ I apologise for the old picture of Pootle, but to be honest, it looks better than the shape she is in now, she needs a damn good clean up, because when the garage doors are opened, she looks in a very sorry state of semi neglect, but hopefully this will be rectified in the near future. I would just like to take the opportunity to thank Crackleport for publishing the last couple of editions of PAG while I have been incommunicado so to speak, and also to thank all of the contributors alike. I would also like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year and many happy Pembling hours as well. Keep on Pembling Algernon I would like to thank Ralph Columbo for his offer of producing the Christmas issue, Thank’s Ralph. He offered to do a special print run for this issue, and I hope you all enjoy and appreciate his efforts. (Ralph has a nice Brooklands by the way, you can see it on the web site) Website report - I would like to thank John Ward for taking on the responsibility of running and updating the web site. We have had a few trials and tribulations with it, it has also been moved to a different Internet Provider, which caused John a few headaches, but hey!! That’s what you get when you are getting older old man. I hope the readership who can and do use the web site appreciate all the hard work that goes into keeping it up and running, well done John. If you have any articles , photos or suggestions, either for PAG or the Web Site, please Contact me at - Carry on pembling Glyn

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