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PEMBLETONS ARE GO! Spring 2005 Issue 24 An Exclusive Newsletter For ‘Pembleton’ Enthusiasts Circulation 100 This edition – Your editor Algernon ‘Oddball’ Headerbox has his say along with the usual piece from resident columnist ’Crackleport’, Sporting Hero’s of yesteryear from Gear Nasher and all the other usual and interesting stuff, as well as a postcard from America. Don’t forget I need all your news send them all to me at- ‘Pembletons are Go !’ 79 Providence Road, Sheffield S6 5BG or email Number 34 – Algernon’s Own - Well another issue comes and goes, it seems like only yesterday that we were collating the last one. Here we are at the Lodge, patiently waiting for the long summer days to arrive after the dreary winter months, but what are we faced with, let me tell you, very mixed unsettled weather. Along comes a nice sunny morning, so thoughts of getting Pootle out of her abode run around old Algy’s head ,but while sat having breakfast and thinking of where shall we go, what shall we do, the bloody weather throws in a nasty surprise, either it is persisting down when we plan to go out or it is threatening so much that plans are either curtailed or cancelled completely, and then just to add insult to injury when resigned into not going out in Pootle and already embroiled in some other activity that cannot be cancelled at short notice, the bloody sun comes out again and we have a lovely day, but if we were to even think about going out in Pootle then the clouds come over and it starts precipitating all over again. Is it me, or just old age, but when Algy was a nipper he seems to recall that summers started on time and were long hot balmy days with no end in sight. Now is that just selective memory or was it really like that, but as I said old age plays funny tricks with the mind, and unfortunately plays a big part in the fact that when Algy wants to go out for a run in Pootle, he would prefer it to be fine and sunny, yes I know that is what all the gear I have is for, rain suit etc, but for the sheer enjoyment nothing beats the sun, especially on old bones. Keep on Pembling Algernon Website Report- Let us pray.  "Dear God, please help me to keep my big mouth shut.........." The website hasn't been updated much in the last few months as I wanted to keep a check on the usage etc. as I made changes, such as adding cars for sale. Just had an e-mail from the hosts pointing out that we burst our monthly bandwidth limits (again) and would I like to do something about it!  We are now averaging around 250 views per day  and using 700Mb bandwidth per month. 30% of that is looking at the cars page (the bit that has Phil's information), the rest is enthusiasts related stuff.  Shame we're not earning money from it........ Anyhow, I've upped the bandwidth limits to 1.5Gb which gives some headroom, lets see how we get on with that.  Konrod Pistonslap

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