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This edition – Back in the editors chair for edition 25 ….Yes it’s me Albert Crackleport. Joined once again in the P.A.G. office by long distance columnist David Goodsir, Vintage Specialist Gear Gnashin Neil, The Millars Barmy Army, and the return of the legendary home brew critic and Solvo Autosol rubbing champion Basil. K. Splutterpipe. Special thanks too to Michael Meakin (who is becoming quite an expert on all things Brooklands.) shares his build and thoughts with us. Despite an ever increasing workload Algy reports in with news on a future Pembling outing. Ed’s bit- Writing Pembletons are Go ! is a bit like waiting for a bus.. First there isn’t one and then they all turn up at once. First I have nothing and then with a bit of help from you guys and several small but extremely cunning plans I have enough news to hopefully keep you all entertained as you drink your evening cocoa. Goodness me …. Can you believe it... Basil. K. back in our midst. Away for 3 years on a journey of self discovery with his Pembleton. We have the first of many of the ‘happenings’ he encountered recalled in this edition. I’d like to take this opportunity to ask if anyone is interested in joining the P.A.G. team. Either as an occasional columnist, tech expert, general helper etc etc… Edition 25 means I have been doing this for over 6 years…. That’s quite a stint……Yes !!!! ….Well volunteered.… email ….sign here….and you’re in….. Website Report- The website forum continues to aid the build of both Hopper and Brooklands models with willing advice from owners who have encountered and solved the issues raised. I have included some of the forum discussion in this edition as I find it not only interesting in content but also to illustrate (to those not internet connected) just how far the Pembleton name has travelled and the type of people who surf into our ‘little website’ From a secret source that we are not at liberty to divulge a sneak preview of a much modified Brooklands. This picture that arrived at the P.A.G. office under a plain wrapper is the only one we have of the special. No further details of the car or mystery builder appear to be available at time of going to press but it looks like the Citroen powered machine is going to cause quite a stir when completed.

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