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This edition – Crammed full of ‘Tales of Daring Do’ by intrepid Pembletoneers, along with of course articles from all your favourite columnists at the P.A.G. office. — Gear Gnasher with more Sporting Hero’s, David Goodsir has uncovered yet another plot by the ‘British Motoring Industry’ to inflict their perfect designs on unsuspecting motorists, ‘Brooklands’ builder Michael Meakin has further progress news on his own build, and of course Basil K. Splutterpipe sends further jottings. Algy’s out on’t moor’s scaring Morris 1000 drivers and John Ward relives a ‘Brooklands’ scare. Editors Bit - Crackleport here— Well I’m pretty chuffed at all the effort you guys have put in after my plea for help with P.A.G. I received some brilliant stories of adventure which are all inside this issue. I’m typing this with fingers crossed that my aged Epsom printer can deliver the goods in time for Christmas. Hope so ! I’ve decided to hold back the second part of my own story ‘An Alpine Adventure’ till next edition so that I could publish in full your epic motoring adventures. It just goes to show what a Pembleton can do when asked— ——Bulldog Spirit and all that—Crikey I’m almost singing ‘Land of Hope and Glory’—— What have I been up to ? Well—I’ve been working on the ‘Pembleton Challenge 2006’ All will be revealed in the next edition along with the rules of entry. Of course I’m expecting you all to enter and once again put yourself to the test over next summer. It goes without saying that a prize worthy of the feat will be up for grabs. Once again — Thanks all of you for your support and contributions through 2005. It is much appreciated. I’ll take this opportunity to wish you all the best over the Christmas period and looking forward to hearing from you all in the coming year Carry on Pembling - Albert Website Report- Well, the website is still there and is getting an awful lot of visitors. In the last two years we have had to increase the space fourfold and the traffic capacity eightfold. It is all bit too static though, so send pictures of your car with some background information, whether it is on the road or you’re still building it, to and I’ll post them up. Remember, the site and the forum is there as a resource to help owners and builders and you are the ones with the information to help and inspire them. If you haven’t had a look, then take some time and see what it’s all about at

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