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This edition – Articles from all the team at ‘Pembletons are Go !’ and plenty of news from all you guys as well….Back by popular request (and plenty of arm twisting) is David Gardiner. His article covering the epic journey through France in the last edition certainly hit the right spot with all of you. Michael Meakin recalls an event in the past that could well have sown the seeds which led to his Pembleton purchase, and we have loads of workshop tips that should help save you a few pennies. Last and by no means least we have further news from the Convict Isle on the build of ‘Fang’ It looks like Peter has hit a snag with the authorities….read on for up to date news…. Ed’s bit- It’s me Crackleport...reporting from the editors chair. I always feel a bit under pressure to try and beat you guys when it comes to Pembling exploits. It’s an editors duty isn’t it.. Looks like you all have the upper hand at the moment I’ve being painting and papering the lounge and you guys have been preparing your machines for the coming season. Well….I’m not down yet….I intend to mount a full assault at the ‘Pembleton Challenge’ (details included in this issue) and prove my worth as editor. Unfortunately or fortunately (which ever way you want to look at it) due to the amount of copy received for this issue of ‘Pembletons are Go ! the Crackleport ‘Alpine Adventure’ article (part 2) will be once again held over. (I’m trying to keep the newsletter within the 2nd class letter post limit.) Oh !....Don’t forget Stoneleigh Kit Car Show either. See diary dates inside We have overseas guests flying in so make sure the car is well polished. Website Report- Have you registered on the new forum yet ? Due to John Wards efforts I think the website once again has taken a leap forward and continues to serve the needs of its members. I’m sure you will all join me in thanking John for all his hard work. You have read various correspondence from Peter Gibbs (of Convict Isle fame) both in ‘Pembletons are Go !’ and on the web forum...who is this crazy guy ? What does he look like ? And how did two Pembleton kits survive the journey half way round the world ? Here’s the pics… Top right...Peter Gibbs .. Cleaning the engine block Bottom right...John Bennett...Pressing In King Pin bushes Below..Peter’s partner ‘Betty Boop’ inspects the Pembleton kits on arrival. More of Peter’s build inside this issue…

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