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PEMBLETONS ARE GO! Summer 2006 Issue 28 An Exclusive Newsletter For ‘Pembleton’ Enthusiasts Circulation 100 This edition – What’s in this issue Ed ?.... Nothing but the best dear readers.. Articles from all the team at ‘Pembletons are Go !’ of course and plenty of build news and tips too from sheds and garages all around the world. Can’t believe I can write ‘all around the world’. But I can of course, thanks to Peter in the Convict Isle. Read on and hopefully enjoy issue 28. Ed’s bit- Sorry for the slight delay with getting P.A.G. to you. I had been without copy to edit for a couple of months, A case of ‘Don’t Panic Mr Mainwaring’ something will turn up. Well it certainly did….Firstly news on the proposed 2006 Dambusters Run, then exclusive pics from Peter Gibbs on his extremely modified Hopper and then….pics of one of the most gorgeous Hoppers I’ve ever seen....’Silverfish’ I’m making no excuses for the amount of pics published this edition they tell more than a thousand words can. Oh..and that’s why I printed the pics me writing any big words. Ed’s bit 2 IMPORTANT Yes ..It’s me again. With an important announcement…. I plan to retire from the editors chair after the next issue (No29) I deliberately haven't sent any renewals out lately so as not to have many subs outstanding. If someone wants a bash at producing P.A.G then please step forward… Remember P.A.G. and the website evolve to whatever anyone or everyone wants so it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the present format or frequency. If there are no takers then obviously it’s the end for this form of communication. I’m hoping you will all agree that it’s been fun. I’ve enjoyed it but 29 issues adds up to over 7 years and it’s time Albert hung up his typewriter. Note.. More important stuff…. I’d like P.A.G. to go out with a bang....or rather a bumper issue so please, please, please send me news on your car and get in print. I shall extend the deadline somewhat for No29 to make sure I capture all of this summers action.. Send to and make sure you are part of what has become a Global Publication… Carry on Pembling Albert Crackleport Website Report- The website continues to be a central point for members to express views and ask for build help and advice. I know I’ve said this before really is a credit to our webmaster John Ward. Johns decision to amend the forum appears to have been well founded and we now have 61 registered members. Greetings from the Antipodes (The convict Isle) Greetings from the antipodes…….again. Well winter is here …my favorite time of year…..average temp. 4 to 24 deg no rain, blue skies… and woolies at night and short sleeves during the day……I would like to thank all those people who entered the naming competition for my hopper…thanks namely…. Mike Meakin…the best contender is Goliath at the moment ( but the jury is still out…..) it was thought that the brass nose on the hopper looked like a giants toe cap from his shoe…..then I thought of the children’s poem “ Goliath of Gath with hith helmet of bwath, Wath thitting one day upon the gween gwath, with a lisp obviously so until there is a better name forthcoming “Goliath “ it is sort of big little car…. however all contribution are gratefully received … and don’t forget the prize …free accommodation in OZ for two weeks…or 4 weeks if you want to come and house sit in August while I am in the UK… only a 23 hr flight….each way…. So what’s happened ? Well John is still in Melbourne some 1600klms away…but soon to return and resume where he left off……..My progress has slowed due to having to earn some money…..funny how it gets in the way with the things we want to do…The Body is finished … so now it is install the alternator, seats, wiring, lights, dash , gauges exhaust and carbs…so I guess I’m about half way there….

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