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PEMBLETONS ARE GO! Autumn/Winter Issue 29 An Exclusive Newsletter For ‘Pembleton’ Enthusiasts Circulation 100 This edition – Full of articles from all your favourite contributors—Gear Gnashin Neil, Basil.K.Splutterpipe, Mike Scott, our foreign correspondents Peter Gibbs and David Goodsir and of course lots of Pembling tales from all you readers too. What a treat !!!!! Just read slowly and savour….this could be the last P.A.G ever !!!! Ed’s bit- It’s me Crackleport...reporting once again from the editors chair. What’s my news….well most of you know already, yes I sold No2. The decision didn’t come easy I can tell you. No2 and editing P.A.G have been a big part of my free time for over 7 years, but the drives out were getting few and far between and it seemed such a shame to leave the old girl locked up in the garage for weeks on end (No2 not the Baroness) so I posted an advert on the Pembleton website (and the CSC For Sale board) and the rest is history. No2 now has a new enthusiastic owner and resides in Shropshire, look out for it. Website Report- Apologies for the slight lose of transmission a couple of months back. Due entirely to me (Crackleport) forgetting to renew the domain registration. Doh ! Anyway normal service now resumed and well used by all. The forum continues to do it’s job and is a great means of bringing Pembletoneers together. I have plans to start my own website and I’ll post all past copies of P.A.G on to it. I’ll let you know when I’ve mastered the technology and they are available. ‘Pembleton Challenge 2006’ Prize Presentation The ‘Pembleton Challenge 2006’ is now over. Points accumulated checked by the judges and the winner can now be announced. It looks like the main area of battle was fought out by the Pembleton Stalwarts of the Northern Section. (What happened to everyone south of Sheffield. Surely not freetened o’ getting ya feet wet ?) Gear Gnashin Neil was a clear winner over Albert Crackleport thanks to his successful crossing of the ford in Thorner. Crackleport making an elementary error on his entry speed and failing to score. Well done Gear Gnashin Neil. You have now joined the ranks of Englands motorsport elite The award presentation took place at the Northern section meet in November at the ‘Queens’ in Rawdon. (The best purveyor of Dark Mild and picked eggs in town) Basil K Splutterpipe was only too pleased to hand over the prize which was a 1957 Third Edition print of the famous Phil Irving engine bible ‘Tuning for Speed’ donated by Crackleport. Suitably inscribed with ‘joined up’ writing commemorating the achievement.

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