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An Exclusive Newsletter for Grasshopper Enthusiasts Early Spring 2000 It’s newsletter time again, notice how the type is getting smaller as I try and cram everything in. I had a cracker of a New year break after being invited down to Pembleton H.Q. for the first exclusive road test of Old No1. Dressed the part in caps and goggles to keep the winter cold out, Phil had the added protection of his ‘vintage’ swedish despatch riders coat. (A faithful friend for more than 25 years and a dog mat for the last 10) So what was it like ? Well ! The exhaust crackle ricoched from the banks and hedges thanks to the two genuine Aero Morgan silencers, the motor pulled strongly thanks to the mild tuning and light weight, the ‘V’ screen did a fantastic job of protecting us from the windchill, the handling was surefooted despite the winter debris on the roads, You can’t beat the Pembleton Experience. HOLD ON TO YA CAP WE’RE OFF SKIDS TIPS- Thanks must go to Gary McDonald an enthusiast from Worcestershire for this rustproofing tip, Gary lives close to a chinese takeaway and the large amounts of used cooking oil caught his eye. Yes ! You’ve guessed it, dituted with solvent and sprayed on the underside of his 2CV. Its successfully prolonging the life of the chassis and it’s FREE. Comments at the M.O.T. were unprintable. Well done Gary a gem of a tip. I’ll follow that with one of my engineering specials – Have you noticed that when you try to countersink a hole using a conventional drill the hole is raggy (due to the bit only having 2 flutes) Place a small piece of cloth about 20mm square between drill and metal and countersink. Perfect results ! ! ! Unbelievable but true. Honest, try it next time. Theres a SPECIAL PRIZE of a motoring cap (as worn by Pembleton Motor Co staff) for the best Tech Tip I receive before May 1st Send to Skids Tips c/o The Editor.15 Cornwall Crescent Baildon. West Yorkshire B.D.17 5L.T. Do you remember in edition No1 I mentioned Barry Houlden’s trousers and how the fire was well alight before being spotted. Those trousers are now in my motoring museum as a reminder to any would be donor car dismantler WEAR PROTECTION. We don’t want another Ballroom Blitz! The real tragedy of this tale is the trousers didn’t belong to Barry. WHOOPS ! ! Barry’s No3 chassis is on temporary hold as he settles into a new job. Progress on No2 continues– The dashboard has been completed and fit. To set it off this has been ‘Machine finished’. This was my first attempt and a satisfactory result was obtained using the workshop pillar drill, a felt pad stuck on the end of a bolt and plenty of Brasso. Once the dash was in I could start the wiring. The standard loom will fit, but I wanted the underbonnet area free of any electrical cables so I re-routed them all in a new braid that runs down the top chassis tube. Unravelling the original loom and re-soldering to my taste took the best part of a months free time. The copper cowl is trimmed and the front body panels are shaped and ready for fitting. Don’t forget to keep me up to date with your build. Address as above. . In exchange I’ll publish a photo of skid wearing the motoring cap that’s up for grabs in his competition Keep in touch ‘Ed’

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