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An Exclusive Newsletter For Grasshopper Enthusiasts Circulation 20 Well that's the end of the open top motoring for this year (For me anyway). Just because Its cold is not an excuse to stop building your 'Grasshopper' though, Its not proper kit building If you haven't got a dew drop on the end of your nose when you come in from the garage.. . Plenty of tech tipsin this issue with contributions from Gerry Fosh,Skid of course. and one from myself, hope they all prove useful.Don't forget to keep sending in your build news or tips its great to have so much to write about. News from around the country down in deepest Worcestershire at Pembleton H.Q.Further development on the 'V' screen is taking place at the moment. Phil reports thdt it has taken a long time to arrive at a shap .that comp1iments the rakish flawing lines of the 'Grasshopper' but he feels he's getting there. I for one can't wait to see it. N02 A.B.F.W. {As approve dBy Frank Williams So how did No2 get this rare honour? AS 1 mentioned in the last edition we Spent 5 days in Flanders touring in the 'Grasshopper' During the last post ceremony at the Menin Gate Frank williams laid a wreath and who should we meet again as we were driving out of Ypres? Yes that's right Frank williams he was waiting tQ croSs the road. On seeing the 'Grasshopper' his face broke Into a smile. A smile from frank Williams is a rare sight indeed and I consider it an great honour bestowed on No2. Martin Wilson who was travelling with me at the time wanted to go around again and try swap a 'Grasshopper' brochure far 2 tickets to the British C.P. hut I wasn't sure that was a fair swap, brochures are expensive. Another funny - Arriving qt a small village called Westouter and stopping for a beer in the only bar the barman pointed to the 'GrasshoPper'and said Ferrari No I told him this was a Pembleton He insisted is it Ferrari No,I made it myself 'no Ferralli he said Ah! I know was I here for a rally ? "No replied as he commented heknew it wasn't a Ferrari they are oalways red! The reception everywhere we went was fantastic, people waving as we drove and always a crowd around the car when we Parked. The trlp was completed almost without the need to reach for the toolbox but umfortunately, I lost all gears as I accelerated through a set of traffic lights near Zeebruge. This. turned out to be caused by the loss of the little spring pin that holds the gear change stick to the gear lever. Easily rectified by using a key ring In place of the lost part. Belgium touring - ThorOughly recornmendable. - What an adventure. Gerrys update the latest neWS from Aylesbury via E'mail to the newsletter office shows how much progress has been made in just a couple of months. Gerry tells me that he's abour to start the wiring before fitting the outer panels. This is going to be more difficult than anticipated due to the fact that all the carefully prepared labels have fallen off in the bag during stOrage.(So no recommendation dation fOr Dyno-tape. on these pages then Gerry I ) close study by enlarging the pictures on screen shows the brake. pipes in place as well. Deeper in Worcestershire on Clee.Hill Do you remember gary 'chip oil' MacDonaldson issue 3 ? Well Gary has just taken delivery of his chassis and is busily painting suspension parts. Having run a 2CV for quite a few years the mechanicals should pose no problem. Gary has ordered a long wheelbase model for two reasons firstly he's quite a tall chap and needs extra leg room and secondly I believe be's going to incorporate a "Dickie' seat in the rear top for EUan his son. Another project i sha11 be trying to keep up tO date on

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