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This edition – .As always we have all the regular features and latest news, including the first pictures of a Brand New Pembleton undergoing it’s first speed trials. (more of that later) Fun in the snow with Old No1 – The kids had a great time over the Christmas holidays when Old No1 was used as a tow vehicle for a spot of ’High Speed Sledging’.All pile on and hold on tight. ! ! ! was the shout . How many are going to be thrown off at the next corner ? I wondered as I tried to get in close for the action shots. Verdict – Brilliant fun even when your wellies are crammed full of snow. Editors Bit – I gather from Phil that a number of kits are nearing completion. This is great news. Have you any pictures of your build or first test run ? Don’t forget I need all you latest news and views. Send them all to me at – Pembletons are Go1 15 Cornwall Crescent. Baildon. West Yorkshire. BD17 5LT or E’mail Circulation Update - Figures are up again ! ! ! Circulation of the newsletter is now 24. The number of actual owners is 16. Number of chassis’s is 17 as someone we all know has 2. Whats happening at Pembleton H. Q. – Phil has just sent me a couple of pictures of the air filter box recently fitted to 007 The construction of the filter box is discribed in the manual but pictures always help. A similar filter has been thouroughly tested on Old No1 and works a treat. Clamped to the top of the gearbox and connected to the carbs with Flexi-pipe the unit fits neatly under the bonnet on the offside. Note how the clever use of three seat rubber bands clamps the two halves together. Action men from left to right are – Guy Gregory, Chris Coultas, Richard Gregory, Neil Hainsworth, Martyn Hainsworth. Second row – Phil.

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