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Don’t forget I need all your latest news send it to me at ‘Pembletons are Go ! 15 Cornwall Crescent, Baildon. West Yorkshire. BD17 5LT or e’mail News from Pembleton H.Q.– An recent development that has been thoroughly tested over some of the twistiest roads in Wales is the ‘Pembleton Suspension Upraters’. Over the Easter holidays various combinations of these were also tested on No2 and take it from me you won’t believe the difference. Giving the owner the option to vary the ride firmness depending on driving style I’ve plumbed for a hard setting to give minimum body roll during cornering. The ’V’ screen is also now complete and very pretty it looks too. I’m hoping to get a picture for the next edition. Pembleton H.Q was really buzzing on Saturday 12th May when about 15 Citroen Specials out on a club run arrived to view the ‘Grasshopper’ A trip up the road in Old No1 was all it took to convince some drivers that their next kit should be a Pembleton. Old No1 – Did you know that Old No1 has been re-sprayed in Connaught Green and is now looking super smart (I don’t know ! ! What was wrong with the odd panel in Pemberton Green and a thick coating of farm mud – Ed) Phils Bit – Now that a few cars have been M.O.T tested and more are almost there a few points need clarifing as some testing stations with little experience of kit cars seem to be confused as to the requirements Thanks to the owners who have gone through the M.O.T for their feedback- 1) Your ’Grasshopper’ does not require an emissions test 2) Side repeaters and fog light should be fitted if fitted to your donor 3) Don’t buy numberplates until you are issued with your number it could be changed to an age related number. No2 back on the road – The winter rebuild completed and the new sport camshaft installed, larger section ‘Camacs’ replacing the standard Uniroyals I’m well pleased with the winter work. The motor pulls strongly through the entire rev range and the higher gearing seems to better match engine revs to road speed. Keith Bull talked Neil (my eldest) and myself into driving down to the kit car show at Stoneleigh in the ‘Hopper’ over the May day holiday. I arranged to meet him there, but it was a surprise to also see another 3 ‘Grasshopper’ builders Gerry Fosh, Brian Carmichael and Henry Bawler having a good look around the Citroen Specials gathering. (Sorry about the pictures we took of everyone they didn’t turn out due to a camera fault) The trip down was a bit cold and we got a soaking before we were out of Bradford and another as we went through low cloud over the Woodhead pass out of Holmfirth but the run through the Peak District is one of my favourites so worth the effort. The return trip was undertaken in all the clothes we had brought with us and was far more comfortable even if arm movement was slightly restricted . For those who fancy joining the Citroen Specials Club write to - Carole Chitty, 8 Forest End, Courtmoor, Fleet, Hants. GU52 7XE Tel : 01252 620128 e’mail or web site – You will receive 6 club magazines a year, members handbook full of suppliers addresses, M.O.T testing stations, insurance companies, rally dates, e.t.c Dons on the road – Phil tells me that Don Corbett’s ’Grasshopper’ is now on the road. Don popped to Pembleton H.Q to show Phil his handy work and it got a big thumbs up. F244 JFC is finished in Dark Blue, which according to Phil goes spot on with the polished copper cowl. Keith has first test drive – Keith Bull from Bridgnorth took his almost completed ‘Hopper’ up the road the other evening sitting on a cushion. After spending a good part of the day tuning the carbs he was really pleased with the way the car went. “ It doesn’t half pull” reported Keith on the phone. Keith has built a B.R.A. and also owned a J.Z.R and a Lomax so has had quite a bit of cyclecar experience, but has got a real buzz from actually ‘building’ the ’Grasshopper’ from 4 flat sheets of aluminium. (I know what you mean Keith. It really gives a sense of achievement – Ed) adjustable gas shocks to fit your ’Grasshopper’ Ring Phil on 01299 832944 for full details

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