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This edition –Its all happening – What with a Kit Car magazine road test and quite a few cars now being registered I’m having difficulty keeping up. Help me out by sending all your latest news to - ‘Pembletons are Go !’ 15 Cornwall Crescent Baildon West Yorkshire. BD17 5LT or e’mail News from Pembleton H.Q.- Did you see the July edition of Kit Car magazine ?. Ian Hyne visited Pembleton H.Q. and was the first professional journalist to road test a ‘Grasshopper’ The three page article gave an extremely accurate account of the car, but I was shocked to read that Phil is now married to Mary what happened to Maggie ? Driving Old No1 Ian was impressed by the ‘Vintage’ feel of the car but also added that the handling was far from ‘Vintage’ thanks to Phils front end geometry changes. Old No1 looked a treat in the article as you can see from the picture., I hope Phil is continuing to wash the car regularly. Phils Bit – A few tips on carburettor tuning - If your car spits back or hesitates it is running weak – Raise float level If it runs lumpy with a sooty exhaust it is too rich – Lower float level Both the above adjustments must be done in conjunction with adjusting the slow running mixture (Brass screw underneath) Continental Rally – What a reception No2 got at the 2CV Kit Car Club rally in Holland.! ! I’d seen the rally advertised on the internet and talked Barry Houlden into joining me for the trip. North Sea Ferries from Hull is the only way to travel, sailing overnight and arriving in Europort Rotterdam the next morning. The rally organisers had booked a B+B for the three nights we were there so everything was organised before we set off. All we had to do was turn up and enjoy ourselves. It was a two day rally, Saturday being a social meeting followed by a bar-b-que and evening party, with free bar ! ! (which Barry and myself took full advantage of to further Anglo / Dutch relationships) Sunday a run out following a route through the countryside stopping at various points of interest. As soon as we arrived at the rally site we were surrounded by enthusiasts keen to understand the modified mechanicals and bespoke chassis. Thankfully most Dutch can speak a little English so conversation was no problem. Unfortunately Dutch legislation does not allow custom made chassis’s so all kit cars are built on existing donor ones like Lomax, despite this there is still a healthy kit car movement with about 100 kits turning up for the rally. A good percentage of these being Le Patrons a Dutch kit manufactured in nearby Ophemert. Clicos– A removeable rivet used to hold panels in place for final fitting e.t.c seem to be recommended by those who have used them. One supplier who will mail order is - N.F. Auto Development, Redland, Lindridge, Staplehurst, Kent Tel – 01580 891309 for further details Wims Web – Wim van de Berg the designer of the Le Patron kit car is also a bit handy when it comes to web site design. Check out his efforts on the revised Pembleton site. My next task is to learn how to update it. If you have a good digital picture of your car send it to me and I’ll try and add it when I’ve caught up with technology.

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