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Owners' Cars

Pictures of completed cars can be found below. Use the link for an list of known chassis numbers and owners. There are more pictures of each car avaiable in the albums below.

car number 001

The original car built by Phil Gregory in three weeks for a trip to Ireland. Orginally fitted with 2CV engine but now has a big Moto Guzzi engine with lengthened front suspension arms. More pictures

car number 002

Pembleton Supersports built by Crackleport 'old number 2' Amazing load carrying capacity More pictures

car number 003

Pembleton Supersports built by Basil K. Splutterpipe #3. Cork dashboard More pictures

car number 017

Pembleton Super sport #17 belonging to Keith Bull. Clad in 1.5mm half-hard aluminium, gear lever beneath the dash J4 15" MGA wires on front, cycle-type front mudguards ex Dicky Dawes More pictures

car number 023

Pembleton Super sport #23 owned by Reg Warlop. More pictures

car number 028

Pembleton Super sport #28 belonging to Malcolm Boniface More pictures

car number 034

Pembleton Supersports built and belonged to Algernon 'Oddball' Headerbox. Now owned by Clive Bray #34, Finished in 2003 Handpainted and huge headlights! More pictures

car number 039

Ethelred Pembleton Supersports built by Alex Norman and now owned by John Simons #039 V screen, honda carbs, painted, GS instruments More pictures

car number 046

More pictures

car number 047b

Car #47 started life as a Grasshopper with 2cv power. Bought it in 2009 as a stalled build at the rolling chassis stage. A year later on the 7th April, powered by a Guzzi 950cc motor using Phil's conversion, it passed MSVA first time. Modifications include the "long" gearbox, 19" wire wheels made by me to Phil's design, improved starter motor, and LED lights. It now has over 15000 miles on it, mostly on the smallest, bendiest, hilliest roads I can find! More pictures

car number 053

Pembleton Super Sport Charlee #53, which belonged to Peter & Shelagh Lee, went drag racing, see RunWhatYaBrung at Santa Pod in 2006. More pictures

car number 064

Grasshopper Cigale #64, built by David Williams More pictures

car number 070

Pembleton Brooklands first owned by Ralph Colombo #070 passed SVA May 2003 BMW 979cc opposed Twin Nice chrome wire wheels, another one with huge headlamps complete with stone guards, occasional leaky offside carb and classic number plates More pictures

car number 072

Pembleton Supersports Silverfish #72 built by David Parr. Moto Guzzi aircooled V twin Go to Links page for additional pictures More pictures

car number 090

Pembleton Super sport Penny #90 belonging to Jonathon Apsee Citroën 602cc aircooled opposed twin. The car has a Q plate because he scrapped the old 2cv and was later told by our friends at the DVLA that he couldn't use the original plate unless the log book was retained. More pictures

car number 092

Pembleton Supersports owned by Spike Stephenson #92 More pictures

car number 097

Pembleton Super sport Doodle #97 built by Pete Willmin a.k.a. PeeWill Built over a five year period. MSVA late July 2011. Arm rests with wider, taller scuttle, restructured back that allows for hatches, curved rear side panels, vintage aircraft inspired cockpit, 2CV engine with Visa pistons, 652cc. More pictures

car number 099

Pembleton Super sport belonging to Mike Fellows #99 with his 'riding mechanic' William Fellows. The picture show the car in its polished form. The car has since been painted in British Racing Green which means less time spent polishing! More pictures

car number 101

Pembleton Brooklands owned by Chris Day #101 , windscreen replaced by Brooklands screens More pictures

car number 122

Pembleton Brooklands built by Alan Walker #112 Amilcar syle cowling since removed and now Guzzi powered - see ePAG#34 More pictures

car number 181

Pembleton Super sport Snotamog completed by Tom Rae Small block Moto Guzzi 750cc colour, hand painted RAF blue More pictures

car number 186

Pembleton Super sport Mean Green #186 built by Bertil Klintbom. Visit Links for an account of Bertil Klintbom's build More pictures

car number 188

Pembleton Brooklands Bolide #188 buillt by Mike Meakin BMW aircooled opposed twin More pictures

car number 189

Pembleton Supersport Quicksilver #189 built by David Tocher Small block Moto Guzzi V twin More pictures

car number 190

Pembleton Supersports Goliath #190 built by Peter Gibbs. He lived in Autralia and it was shipped all the way down there for him to build. More pictures

car number 198

Pembleton Brooklands Silver Surfer built by Duncan Grimmond #198 BMW powered Enlarged scuttle, mudguards move with wheels. More pictures

car number 200

Pembleton super sport built by Peter Batterby 2CV power #200. It has two noses, one for display and the other for daily use More pictures

car number 205

Pembleton Supersports built by Pete Siedle Josephine #205 . Visit Links for an account of Pete's build. The car was sold and now lives in France More pictures

car number 210

Pembleton Brooklands #210 built by John Coxon now owned by Nigel Davey 602cc engine, high compression blocks, twin Dellortos, lightened flywheel and a modified gearbox. Colour BRG, tan upholstery, tan leather dash. More pictures

car number 222

More pictures

car number 265

Pembleton Super sport #265 built by Bob Gilpatrick Citroën forced air cooled opposed twin with drum brakes More pictures

car number 271

Brooklands built by Barry Hatch #271 Special features are SU Carb on bespoke manifold and hand made exhaust silencers. Passed MSVA as a light quadracycle More pictures

car number 274

Brooklands built by Allen Morris #274 More pictures

car number 277

Built by Martin and Deborah Cartwright. Long tailed 2CV powered Brooklands #277 More pictures

car number 291

Andy's car #291, ‘Wimpie’, is a 2CV powered Brooklands with single solex carburettor that went through the MSVA route, and features an external handbrake and side mounted spare wheel. More pictures

car number 295

LWB Super Sport #295 built by Alan Watkinson Moto Guzzi T3 engine. More pictures

car number 296

Pembleton super sport #296 built by Mike Bulley Kit was purchased in August 2009 and was successfully MSVA'd in June 2010 Special Features: 850cc Moto Guzzi T3 engine More pictures

car number 302

Pembleton Supersports built by James Hodgkinson Little Blue #302 . His car was reviewed by Complete Kit Car in August 2013 edition. The car has since been sold. More pictures

car number 322

Calliope Pembleton super sport #322 built by Mark Saperstein, Phoenix, Arizona, USA Special Features: Moto Guzzi 1100cc fuel injected More pictures

car number 324

Pembleton Supersports built by Georges Uittenhout #324. More pictures

car number 333

Chuffy Pembleton Supersports built by Martin Lomax #333 More pictures

car number 335

Robin Martin's #335 More pictures

car number 338

SWB with Honda carbs (two sizes up on the Mains due to the free flowing "silencers"). The bullet tail is a joy to behold as the car looks tiny, but the rear lights stretched my skills. Works well enough to terrify passengers in the range 35 to 60 mph. My GPS says it will manage 76.5 mph - which is an indicated 85, but at this speed the steering is very quick and the driver gets tired way before the engine does. It'll go forever at 60mph. More pictures

car number 341

Valentine Pembleton Supersports built by George Hodgson #341 with single carburettor. More pictures

car number 347

No 347 602cc LWB Supersport, chassis etc. collected from Pembleton HQ on 27th February 2013 and passed MSVA 13th April 2016 with the help of No. 2 mechanic and encouragement, advice and help from members of the forum ..... still smiling !!!! More pictures

car number 348

Roy Winkler's 2CV powered Brooklands. Built by Roy with help from Keith Noble. MSVA passed in March 2015 More pictures

car number 356

Pembleton Supersports built by Colin Thompson #356. More pictures

car number 382

Martin Aplin's #382 More pictures

car number 383

Tony Dawson’s #383 with a small block 744 Moto Guzzi Nevada engine. Individual front detailing giving credence to the Citroen Dyane donor. Two years to build but no rush. Windscreen with wipers make it ready for a sissy hood later. Chassis fitted with fixings for a roll over bar but not fitted yet. More pictures

car number 387

# 387 Built to drive in the East Bay area by Peter Richards who is an artist with an emphasis on sculpture - do look at his website for examples of his work. More pictures

car number FABTV

Pembleton Super Sports The Hornet Beetle-back tail, floor gear-change, shaped scuttle, longer louvre-less bonnet. More pictures

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