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Pictures of completed cars #151 to #200

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#181 Tom Rae

Pembleton Super sport Snotamog completed by Tom Rae Small block Moto Guzzi 750cc colour, hand painted RAF blue

#186 Bertil Klintbom

Pembleton Super sport Mean Green built by Bertil Klintbom. Visit Links for an account of Bertil Klintbom's build

#188 Mike Meakin

Pembleton Brooklands Bolide buillt by Mike Meakin BMW aircooled opposed twin

#189 David Tocher

Pembleton Supersport Quicksilver built by David Tocher Small block Moto Guzzi V twin.

#190 Peter Gibbs

Pembleton Supersports Goliath built by Peter Gibbs. He lived in Australia and it was shipped all the way down there for him to build.

#198 Duncan Grimmond

Pembleton Brooklands Silver Surfer built by Duncan Grimmond BMW powered Enlarged scuttle, mudguards move with wheels.

#200 Peter Batterby

Pembleton super sport built by Peter Batterby 2CV power. It has two noses, one for display and the other for daily use

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