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Pictures of completed cars #301 to #350

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#302 James Hodgkinson

Pembleton Supersports built by James Hodgkinson Little Blue. His car was reviewed by Complete Kit Car in August 2013 edition. The car has since been sold.

#322 Mark Saperstein

Calliope Pembleton super sport built by Mark Saperstein, Phoenix, Arizona, USA Special Features: Moto Guzzi 1100cc fuel injected

#323 Bob Onley

Bob Onley's car #323. More build details in ePAG #55 newsletter.

#324 Georges Uittenhout

Pembleton Supersports built by Georges Uittenhout.

#333 Martin Lomax

Pembleton Supersports Chuffy built by Martin Lomax

#335 Robin Martin

Built by Robin Martin

Robin Martin's No. 335
Robin Martin's No. 335

#338 Kevin Ashton

SWB with Honda carbs (two sizes up on the Mains due to the free flowing "silencers"). The bullet tail is a joy to behold as the car looks tiny, but the rear lights stretched my skills. Works well enough to terrify passengers in the range 35 to 60 mph. My GPS says it will manage 76.5 mph - which is an indicated 85, but at this speed the steering is very quick and the driver gets tired way before the engine does. It'll go forever at 60mph.

#341 Geoff Hemingway

Valentine Pembleton Supersports built by George Hodgson with single SU carburettor.

#347 John Little

No 347 602cc LWB Supersport, chassis etc. collected from Pembleton HQ on 27th February 2013 and passed MSVA 13th April 2016 with the help of No. 2 mechanic and encouragement, advice and help from members of the forum ..... still smiling !!!!

#348 Roy Winkler

Roy Winkler's 2CV powered Brooklands. Built by Roy with help from Keith Noble. MSVA passed in March 2015

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