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Peter Gibbs

One day while searching for trikes and cars and things,
I came across the Pembleton it set my heart to sing,
There it was, without paint, shiny and so bright,
All in polished alloy, it was a splendid sight.

With Brooklands screens and bonnet straps, I sat there and admired,
This little car with three wheels I would have to buy her.
It looked like a Morgan of 1920s fame,
One Id always wanted, but to buy, was never game.

It was a dam sight cheaper at a thousand quid or so,
Really quite affordable so should I have a go?
I would have to build her up, from donor parts you see,
Something called Deux Chevaux or known as 2 CV

So to contact Phil, this was next, to make my little order,
And would he be, prepared to ship, it this far from his boarder
I would send the man a email, and checked his web address,
His email must be private, this, was my best guess.

So on the phone, I make a call, no three or four at least,
Then at last he answered, yes Id buy the little beast
I would have to wait for twelve weeks, yes I could live with this
And he would put her in the crate with all the other bits.

So many weeks I waited, for the shipment to arrive.
Would it all come safely, would it all survive.
Did Phil pack it well, were all the bits included?
Could I really build this car, or was I just deluded.

Then at last the truck arrived and unloaded my big toy,
I stood there admiring, as excited as a school-boy.
Then Betty Boop, came to inspect, this object of my pride,
And brought along a helmet and hoping for a ride.

Not just yet my dear, a little time you will have to wait,
I need at first to build it, and get it into shape.
It probably will not, take too long, a month or two at best,
Then we will go for lovely rides, and you can wear that pretty dress.

So the months have turned, into to years, it would be two or more,
Until at last its finished, and I could wheel it out the door.
We all stood round and some folk said what a lovely little car,
The children on the other hand, just said oooow and ahhh.

Well soon we hope to take it, off for SVA ,
That’s the Transport Department, and see just what they say.
Will it ever pass the test, will it at all comply
Have we done it well, at least we know we tried.

Well it is Summer almost and the project Goliath continues…..
The rest of the poem to be up dated on completion of SVA

Written 4 Dec 07 Peter Gibbs

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