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I received this via e_mail from my West Leeds correspondent Crackleport

  Hey Ian,

Been playing today.
Finished the valves and pistons and made some inlets for the Dell'orto's
Can I get away with this you think?
-I re-size a parts of  a aluminum tube with my lathe so it fits in the inlet supplied with Phill's kit.
-I need to press it +/- in so I guess it will be air sealed but to be sure I will use some sealer.
-at the other end I will mount the carbs


PS : the pipe isn't pressed in completely on the pics

Koen Geukens []

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As you might know by now Duncan Grimmond is in the final stages of building Silver Surfer. Here is his account of the dreaded MOT test - the GCSE before the 'A' level SVA.


So I have just passed my MOT test with the Silver Surfer and am as chuffed as a very chuffed thing.
All those hours of cutting and forming, drilling and riveting, spannering and socketting have brought me to
the first hurdle of inspection by a "Nofficial"

However, now that I've been out on the road, I remember why I started. The way the car just "sits" to a nicety, 
even with the standard 2CV wheels is a tribute to Phil's design. Naturally I took the back road to town for the 
first test and it was very much "heart in mouth" because I hadn't dared to take a test drive
as I would with any other car I had worked on. Nice and easy down the village High Street, don't want to frighten
the locals yet, round the first Z bends in a new build, will it go straight on? First cross roads, am I going to 
get across? 'Course! Foot down a bit on the slope down to the hump-back bridge, how are my bottoming stops?
Twisty lane for 4 miles to the ring road and this is where I can try a bit harder. Muddy road so, easy on the corners but it
isn't phased at all. Ooh, yes! The junction at the ring road and a few heads turn, pull out and floor it on the slope
down to the first roundabout. Easy owd lad.

It is everything I hoped for and more. 
The test was a fail on headlamp aim and a few loose nuts and bolts, shaken by my enthusiasm with the loud pedal I think.
Home again taking in an extra three miles.
The good bit is that I get a chance to do it all again for the re-test!

The re-test came and went like a breeze, and the other, longer way home now means I've driven it 42 miles.
It pulls up hills like nothing else I've driven, almost as well as a bike.
The engine braking gives good response and third gear seems to be perfect for winding side roads and the blast out of bends
is something else! The occasional snick into second for tight ones and fourth almost an overdrive.
Being out in the air is so like motorcycling and the unobstructed all round vision is a real treat.
The wind in the goggles and earflaps down, collar zipped up and the wrapped exhausts to warm your fingers on, who
could ask for anything more? Now (SVA and weather permitting) for a Summer of picnics and exploits of derring-do.
If you're thinking of, or already building, don't hesitate, do it!

As Uncle Mort says "Bloody favourite Carter!"

Lea Thermallett

A nice picture of an SVA suspension arm plate made by Duncan - a neat bit of metal bashing. Note the blister, gives more room for a big right foot, which was formed by the method described in the Technical pages

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A nice picture from David Stevenson deux a puy l'eveque. Read the e_mails about who is who in the picture here

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Stoneleigh Show

Paperwork for Stoneleigh Show has been received by Andy Cushing aka Roger O'Vernowt He has difficulties in posting so contact him via

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