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From Peter Gibbs who is building a hopper called Goliath

News Flash! Peter has sent me a report with pictures; this is at the end of this page

For PAG 31 - forwarded message from Peter: his email has gremlins it seems.
You may be able to use some of his materiall
----- Original Message -----
From: "peter" 
To: "'Mike Meakin'" 
Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2008 7:46 PM
Subject: RE: #188 ?progress?

> Mike, Duncan, I had trouble initially priming the fuel, the  fuel pump is
> not very efficient at sucking the petrol, most pumps are designed to push
> so
> I had to blow some low pressure ( by mouth ) into the tank , once there
> was
> petrol in the pump it worked fine .....just don't run out of gas.. My
> thoughts were that if it was less efficient it would give less trouble
> with
> regard to delivery pressure... no logic to it really just a thought .
> Woke at 4 am thinking of all the little jobs to do, want to take it for
> another dash down the road but the neighbors might not be impressed so
> best
> wait till daylight.....:) Today's challenge is to get the alternator
> charging Im wondering if it might have something to do with the earth from
> the body to the chassis as the diode board is mounted on the body and the
> main earth runs to the eng...perhaps its failing due to the rubber
> mounting
> of the eng???
> Im surprised that it all runs so well having not done anything except bolt
> the old second hand carbs on and statically time the engine..... the idle
> is
> a bit high at the moment but it accelerates ok  there is a little popping
> at
> idle ? through the left carb .  it doesn't start easily  as yet I have to
> wind it over a number of times before it hesitantly fires up once running
> it
> seems ok  ??
> I might post this if I can couldn't do it last night  cheers Peter
> ----Original Message-----
> From: Mike Meakin []
> Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2008 5:02 AM
> To: Duncan Grimmond; Peter Gibbs
> Subject: #188 ?progress?
> Hi both,
> You will have seen the yo-yo-ing about the blasted 6 X 14mm hex head,
> front
> cross-member set screws on the|Forum
> Over the past few days have fired up the motor and since,  have got the
> 'fuel in the tank, pumped to the carbs' system going. Fuel guage and
> Tachometer don't want to play with any readings you might expect. Will
> deal
> with that in due course.
> Exhausts seriously LOUD, especially on throttle-blip. Hmmm!
> Junior "Zimmer" plus addition at the top, may well cover SVA
> considerations
> of edge radius.Getting quite philosophical about "will they/won't they" -
> as
> long as SVA man doesn't want me to make a complete front-end cage/muzzle!
> regards,
> Mike

Her are some recent pictures of Goliath. Admire the very long brass nose and think of the polishing it requires .....

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Here is the latest from Peter

Greetings from the Antipodes

Well, its that time again to jot down a few things for the long awaited PAG ... I was just cruising through the old ones earlier and was amused as always by the jottings of Basil K Splutterpipe, Algernon, Crackleport, Konrod Pistonslap.

I nearly wet myself again reading the tales of Dingy Flying Goggles and of course the lovely Baroness Von Battenburg.

I hope these wonderful folk will entertain us some more of their wonderful tales.

Well Goliath Runs and runs quite well, I've been hooning around on a permit testing and making adjustments. Initially it required some suspension adjustment as the front shocks were too long and caused insufficient travel ...

Then there was the odd bolt that needed tightening, the fuel gauge only show quarter full when in fact it is full.

The main concern is a persistent oil leak from what appears to be from the cam shaft. It seems that my first attempt at the flash fancy oil catch can and pcv valve was a failure, in part at least. So tomorrow I will make a bigger one and some larger pipe work to plumb it all up ... pity really as the old system was quite neat…

Other than that it is fantastic ... Can't wait to get it on the road and be able to write about some adventures ... We are already talking about a Down Under Rally and concourse, I will have to drive a bout 1000 miles to get there so I should take out the prize for having traveled the greatest distance ... if I remember to buy a trophy for that class ...

John will undoubtedly win the trophy for the greatest mileage in one year at 18,000klm not bad for a trike that sat indoors for winter for 3 months ...ahhh we all have our dreams.

Well that's about from me keep the dream alive

Cheers Peter

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