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Where do we go from here?

Hi readers

This is my first attempt at writing an editorial for an ePAG newsletter - it's difficult to follow the in the footsteps of such illustrious previous editors such as Crackleport and Algy. I have, over the last few months, undertaken a revamp of the existing Pembleton Enthusiasts website and issued an electronic version of the old, tried and tested PAG newsletter. All I have done is to revive things but where do we go from here?

One possible route is to continue ePAG newsletter in much the same form as the original postal PAG newsletter which has the advantage of giving you, the readers, a block of, hopefully, interesting material but gaps between issues. Finding useful information on the site which may be in the PAG and ePAG newsletter archives relies on the Search option which is on the Home page.

Another possibility is to update the site in dribs and drabs which places material into the correct sections within the site but this means that people who only look at the site infrequently will have to view the Site History to find new material.

Could people contact me and let me know what they would like to see in the future on this site. The Pembleton owners and builders forum might also be used to discuss the future of ePAGnewsletters.

Pete Willmin has suggested in a recent e-mail to me, a album of how I did it photos which I think is great idea. He has offered to help and I propose to go through the Pictures of cars under construction files to put them into some order.

I will index the archived PAGs when I get time.

I'm returning to Ireland for the summer and hope to make great inroads into the piles of parts and aluminium sheets and progress my build of #189 so I don't plan to issue another ePAG newsletter until the late summer. Don't let that stop you from writing amusing accounts of your activities be they builds or tales of daring do. I await your scribblings! New writers are more than welcome to contribute - new blood and all that

On a lighter note; when you have finished your build - how about moving upwards?

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The Flying Flea had one minor defect - the main wings were controlled by warping but under certain conditions the plane would be uncontrollable and crash!
See HM-14 Pou-Du-Ciel in the North East Aircraft Museum for more information.
Which reminds me of an old joke

Question; What is the definition of an optimist?
Answer; An F104 Starfighter pilot with a pension plan!

For you young ones the F104, AKA The Widowmaker, was the mainstay of the airforces of the West Germany and other NATO countries and had a very poor safety record.

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