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E_mails received by the editor

From:   ACE Admin Team [] Sent:  Tue 11/03/2008 09:29 
Subject:   Introducing ACE, Association of Car Enthusiasts 


Could we start by introducing ourselves. We are ACE, the Association of Car
Enthusiasts. We can be contacted, if you have any questions, from our
contacts page on our new website or by replying to this email. I think ACE
should be of particular interest to yourselves.

Our aim is to keep all like minded petrolheads up to date on all of the new
legislation that MAY be coming into place over the following months/years.
This legislation will almost certainly make any 'altered from standard
specification' car registration difficult, especially for the one-off
builder (or for that matter, a very low volume builder).
This would effect anything from a homebuilt AC Cobra, to a re-shelled Rally
car, basically anything that does not conform to OE standards.

We would like to draw your attention to our website, which will keep
everyone informed as to exactly what is going on.

We are using it as a 'one-stop' rallying point/source of information, for
checking the truth behind those nasty rumours, and trying to look after
enthusiasts' rights. Things are not getting any easier, and with the green
lobby trying to stop old cars polluting, it is only a matter of time before
WE are in their sights. All enthusiasts need to band together for the
strength that numbers bring.
ACE can only be as big as the number of people who actually want to see
this through to a satisfactory end, with the values, and the rights, of the
car owner being the upmost concern.

Please follow the link below for further information....

Thanks for your time.


ACE Amin Team.


I received this e-mail in response to the picture of the French Pembleton published in ePAG30.

From: Daniel CHARLES 
Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2008 6:10 PM
Subject: French Brooklands

About the picture of the French Brooklands.
It was taken during "Le Mans Classic 2006, it's a real Pembleton with the British chassis and not a 2cv One.
The passenger is holding a simple video camera nothing to do with the exhaust noise.
This was built by one of my good friend and we visit  together the creator of the "Pembleton", I have done 
a french traduction of the building notice.
For me it's one of the most beautiful Pembleton, and surely the only one authentic French Brooklands!!
Infortunatly my friend dies last year (heart attack), his wife keep the car in her garage.
You will be welcome for any details or others pictures of this car.
Dan Charles

From Mike Meakin

Status Quo with #188:

Fuel stays in the tank (no leaks), with pipework to pump/filters/regulator
and carbs. Engine runs - lumpy tickover, rasping pick-up. Not sure that the
fuel guage and tachometer readings are correct. Assorted pictures of
forward, dzus bonnet fastenings, crankcase breather in to carburettor inlet
tracts and "SVA -obstructions for the 100mm headform".

Mike M
No information available No information available
No information available No information available

A couple of e_mails from David Stevenson who lives in France


I did see Phil's guzzi-in fact he mentioned its build last time I saw him before christmas..He didn't like the idea 
but has to please demand..Looks like the bonnet is higher at the front?

As for supercharging, yes will send the info and have dug out the CoopersS supercharger that I bought some years ago
I bought it to sit at the side of a 2cv starter and blower driven from the front pulley.

I met Peter Johnson on my drive up to the ferry and passed on an Axel G type gearbox for his guzzi conversion. We 
discussed the supercharger a little.He is making a super job of his build.

Now having bought the Triking from the chap who bought Triking's show car-a beautiful 1100cc guzzi trike -with Rootes 
blower between the V and also 2 bottles of nitrous behind the seats...and a steam producing box to cool the inlets 
with vapour ....It is a formidable beast,beautifully crafted,with very sticky bike tyres all round to keep it down 
- with a 0 to 60 of 4 seconds.....if you dare...There are fotos and early article about it in the Triking web site.

I may remove the guzzi from the brooklands [for another idea..citroen based.] as I am not too sure of its looks stuck 
in there and refit the visa 650 and g type box as it now fits then try the blower on it...The visa is a much more 
robust engine design with larger journals which may take boost better...[no plans to add any laughing gas...]


David,   in owners cars -V2TRK supercharged by Ian Hayne-a pre nitrous road test-it now 
has much more oomph  [it could be copyrighted but read for interest..]..and you could rewrite bits for info?

I bought my blower on ebay for £100 a couple of years ago-its a whipple design like rootes-with a conical pair of lobes 
with non stick coating-nicasyl as used on visa engine bores..which funnel the mixture as well as compress it-easy to 
make a plate with two outlets to the cylinders. and the carb sits at the back..

I had an idea of machining a split pulley as VW used to adjust their fan belt by adding or removing shims to alter the 
vee depth to avoid over pressuring the cylinders little by little...and I have a pair of spark plug thermocouples and 
twin dial kit to show head temperature !!!.

Which also interestingly helps the worry of sitting in traffic-the temperature actually drops safely as the pistons 
are not doing any real work just flapping in and out.The crucial bit is raising the oil pressure on take off-or just 
before to load the necessary parts with a new shot of lube then the air stream does its job again...

I had a worry in the hot summer here with the JZR guzzi heating.My son and I took a car each-he had the hopper and 
we went to a chateau car expo but the queues on entry were so slow the guzzi started melting the outer cable covering 
for the throttle by the was smoking-I switched off ..but son in pembleton never had a problem...The oil 
cooler really does a good job.

voila David.

ps i am V in stevenson, its the other David Stephenson in Beverly yorkshire with PH....but he has been down here in his 
and we are planning to traverse the new Millau bridge this time...
here's a foto showing both -his is the long wheelbase at a beautiful mediaeval village perched overlooking the Lot 
river-2.eme site historique en Lot...

The photo can be seen here

I have taken over the 2CV 24 Hours race abandonned by the previous organizer. The race has been organized last year with 
good success (see pictures). Now, I try to revamp the 2CV races by inviting schools ( we had the minister of teaching 
at the arrival flag) and by expanding to new technologies (a car used bio-ethanol and one LPG gaz).
While at Stoneleigh a few years ago, I saw one of your car fit with BMW engine.  
I would like to know if you can supply 2CV conversion kits for BMW engines ( 850cc) or other engines, and other useful 
products as well ! 
Louis Lempereur
GSM +32 475 44 35 19


2CV Racing Teams asbl
A la Corne du Pré 6
4053 Chaudfontaine

No information available No information available

I get a number of e_mails like this. Does Phil have brochures? I never seen one.

Dear Firm !
My name is Thomas Wojtalik.
I am 11 years old and living in Austria.
I collect the brochures of cars  .
Help me please , and send me the brochures of your Firm.
My adderss :
Thomas Wojtalik
A-8790 Eisenerz
Please please so a big parcel .......
Many thanks , 
Thomas Wojtalik

From:   Pete Willmin [] Sent:  Fri 21/03/2008 11:30 
To:   David.Tocher 
Subject:   Toons and ePAG... 

Be delighted! - sign them 'Peewill'? If you come across anything that 
we might get a 'toon out of, send it along and I'll see what I can 
do! I'll draw up some thoughts as they occur to me and pass them 
along too.

I've been thinking about possible article ideas for ePAG that 
builders might find helpful. How about groups of photos showing 
different detailed aspects of Pembleton builds ? Say you had a title 
like 'Cutting a Dash' and got builders to send pics of how they laid 
out their dashboards, what instruments they used etc. ... or maybe 
just 'Cockpits' for a wider look at how builders have solved the 
problems of their interior fits. 'Bums' might be a set of pics. 
showing how people have solved rear lighting problems/designs etc. - 
maybe send out a title in one ePAG as a call for photos that would 
then feature as a set in the following edition. I guess it would 
build to a series of details which could then be archived on the site 
for new builders to look through to find ideas. I know that the guys 
on the forum have been most generous with visuals whenever I've got 
stuck with a particular problem so I'm sure it would be a really 
helpful resource - one picture worth a thousand words and all that.
Will be in touch soon. Best regards, Pete.

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