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The Build in the Bog - the saga continues

Well not as much progress as I hoped for! I have a boat that needed painting, launching and using plus the garden which gets neglected while we are in Leeds. I also spent time sailing a yacht round Ireland in May. Great fun but delays the build!

My original idea was to fit the pipework in before the floor but I decided not to install them until there was a floor to fix 'em to! I spent many happy hours transfering Phil's patterns to cardboard and then to aluminium. I'm using 1.5mm sheet as I couldn't buy 1.2mm in Limerick. It became very obvious that the main floor panel would need minor alterations to get it to fit. The problem was the hoop for the seat beat is in front of the upright stopping the floor dropping down. Nibblers soon sorted that! The next problem was the rear floor. The first bend was too far back and would foul the fuel tank. I redesigned it, raising it to permit a larger fuel tank to be fitted if required. However I messed up the positions for the flanges for fastening the side panels and I'll have to fit angles to join the floor to the sides. Hey ho that's the joy of Pembling!

I riveted the two floor panels in in one go as I didn't like the idea of the front edge of the rear panel sitting on a line of rivets at the rear edge of the front panel.

My next efforts weren't much better. The cut-outs for the pedal box were wrong and I've had to make an insert (like Siggy) to hide the mess. The bulkhead with the hole for the steering column is a little low/high relative to the steering rack which means the groove in the splined part of the steering column for the retaining bolt was slightly below the panel level. No problem, make up a cup to allow access.

I cut a disc from ali, annealed it and then clamped it between MDF formers and then attacked it with a plastic headed hammer. Just before rivetting it to the panel I realised that firstly I wouldn't be able to get the panel in and secondly I wouldn't be able to get the bolt in! I rivnuted the cup into place so it could be fastened and sealed after the panel was in place and cut a small access hole in the side of the cup for the bolt then make a little cover for the hole. Problem solved.

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I always intended to have an underslung gear change. I like how Mike Meakin did it but he shortened the gearbox lever. Siggy went for a slot in the top panel and altered nothing else which looked as if it could be tricky and could be draughty.

I decided to extend the hockey stick end of the chrome lever and I also wanted to make the gap between the knob and dash panel bigger. Experimenting I found that the bend was behind the panel - I'm not quite sure why the geometry of my setup is so different to Mike's. I decided to make a cut-out 'box' to accommodate the bend. The extension was turned from a bit of 12mm MS rod (the length of the rod matches the drop of the gear knob) with a 6.0mm hole bored to fit the spigot on the chrome lever and reduced to 6.0mm at the top end. Its threaded M6 for a nut to retain the rose joint (sometimes called a rod-end or spherical bearing) and with a bit of ali bar to join the gear lever to the extension this allowed me to adjust the gearchange geometry. I modified one of the tie rod adjusters for a clamp which is welded on. A bit of Smoothrite and that jobs done. Of course I forgot to allow for the width of the glove box when making the cut-out which means the glove box has to be a little narrower than the original design. Yet another boo boo!

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The glove box is being fabricated as I write and should be in a day or so. August is going to be a bad month for the build as I have my family coming over to stay and there's sailing!

One bit of good news is that I can get MSVA done in Northern Ireland. I'd like to get a NI plate as well but I'd guess they'd like a NI address. I can haul it up and down to NI (it might fail!) reasonably easily for MSVA but registering it in Leed will require it going over on a trailer. There's a bit about registering a kit car in Ireland in Pembleton in the Park article

David Tocher #189 LWB Super Sport

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