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From The Antipodes - The Convict Isle

Well its that time again to share what's Happening in the land Down Under.

After much to do with Queensland Transport Goliath is on the road but not yet finished. There is still Bonnet straps, interior trim and a few other embellishments to be added …. and a few things that will fall off such as head rests extra exhaust wrap and extra reflectors and Triumph mufflers.

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A couple of weeks ago we cheekily turned up at the French car day, and no we were not members but we paid our entry and caused quite a stir….we managed to collect a prize of the best themed display.

I was told that they were having difficulties if putting us in a category, we were part French, part British and part Australian but all in all it was a fun day with way too many questions.

Last week end we attended the annual Laverda Concourse, with many different classes we managed to collect first prize in our category which was also a surprise as the standard was very high. It was a very bright day so the photos are variable at best.

Goliath has been using about 5 pints of oil in the first 1000klm and I was getting concerned so I took it out for a run on the freeway and gave it a steady run at 110 klm and all seems to have settled down now, I guess time will tell… I was surprised that at 110klm I planted my foot and I felt there was plenty of power left for any overtaking maneuvers if required

I haven't exactly calculated my mileage but Im guessing about 5.5 lts to the 100, I should know in a couple of days….

Phil Brown, an expat Brit is considering buying a kit as soon as he can get enough space in his shed…. that would be good Ill have someone else to play with …He lives up on Mount Tambourine so I think he is considering the Guzzy option.

Fang in Melbourne is still going strong but has been put aside for winter in favor of a Suzuki 500cc Mighty Boy Ute…. Apparently it has heaters and good economy as we are reaching 75 new pence per liter of petrol… owwch.

To those who are still laboring away I say keep at it its worth the effort

Spoke wheel Project

I have been playing with the idea of making a spoked wheel for the rear, and may have mentioned it before ….and this is the reason that there is no rear wheel on my car.

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I got the idea from an Austin Seven wheel that I had laying around. So I got to work and designed a hub that could be laced into an appropriate rim…. Similar to the above, but one that would fit over the 2 CV brake drum.

Then I thought that solves the rear but what about the spare . What's the good of a spare if you can only put it on the rear or the front?

So the idea developed further, what was needed was a hub that would bolt on the 2CV stud pattern and one that at a pinch will also fit to the Rudge Whitworth knock ons

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This hub could be splined for drive or just clamped on via the 60 deg taper and used to get you home carefully

So I came up with this idea which will solve both problems, I think.

Keep on Pembling cheers Peter Gibbs

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