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A Pembleton in the Park

The Pembleton is based in Sligo, Ireland. The Park is Phoenix Park in Dublin. Wikipedia says

The Phoenix Park (Irish: Páirc an Fhionn-Uisce) is the largest enclosed urban public park in Europe located 3 km to the north west of Dublin city centre in Ireland. It measures 712 hectares (1,760 acres), with a walled circumference of 16 km that contains large areas of grassland and tree-lined avenues. The park is home to a herd of wild Fallow deer since the seventeenth century. The name is a corruption of the Irish fionn uisce meaning "clear water".
Motor racing first took place in the Phoenix Park in 1903 when the Irish Gordon Bennett Race Speed Trials were held on the main straight for both cars and motorcycles. This was followed in 1929 by the Irish International Grand Prix; the first of three Irish motor racing grands prix. Racing took place between 1932 until the beginning of World War II in 1939 and was revived again in 1949 with a sprint on the Oldtown circuit followed the next year by a full racing meeting again and has been used virtually continuously until today. Over the years seven different circuits have been used, two of which are named after the famous Ferrari World Champion racing driver Mike Hawthorn.

The pictures were taken at the Phoenix Park Races, Dublin held on 11/12 August 2007. The 'hopper was taking part in demonstration laps by the Irish Kit Car Club. The all-action shot is great! There are no prizes for naming the other trike. No silencers at all on a road-going 'hopper - I thought they were noisy enough with Brooklands cans!

I have since discovered that registering a kit car in Republic of Ireland only requires an inspection by the Revenue Commissioners but there's no test like the SVA/MSVA. If the car doesn't use the old chassis then its treated as a new car and gets a new registration number. What's the catch I hear you say? The answer is; VRT. Vehicle Registration Tax is assessed on the open market selling price (guess who decides this?) and depending on the emissions (for cars registered after 1 July 2008) ranges from 14% (0-120g/km CO2 with yearly €100 road tax) to 36% (226g/km CO2 and over with €2,000 road tax) Measuring the emissions of a 20 year old engine could be expensive. If you can't give acceptable proof for the emissions then you get charged at the maximium rate!

Despite the above comments the 'hopper has an old registration number so I'm not quite sure what is the status of the car. Maybe its carrying the 2CV donor registration and the owner 'forgot' to mention the loss of a wheel! I have e-mailed the owner but await a reply.

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