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16th International Three-Wheeler Meeting

Speyer, Southern Germany 7-9 September 2007

This was our second visit to this excellent event, having made our debut last year at Westerstede in the north-west.

As it was such a long way to travel we took the softie option and put the car on a trailer - just as well - it took us nine hours to do the drive down from northern France!

The venue for the meeting was the Technik Museum which houses an amazing exhibition of old cars, planes (large and small), boats and trains as well as a collection of mechanical musical instruments and memorabilia from the 20th century - among other things! And there was a hotel on site.

At the reception on Friday evening we were issued with a free pass to the two museums on site as well as the Imax cinema (which was a sick-making experience for some) and then we were plied with champers and canapés before sitting down to an excellent buffet.

Saturday morning saw us all up bright at early to get the cars out of the hangar that had been reserved for our exclusive use at the museum. We then set off in convoy for our day out.

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First stop was the town square in front of the cathedral where half the town was waiting to greet us, and then we were off on our tour of the local wine growing region and up into the mountains for lunch.

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The tour ended with a hurtle down the winding mountain roads and a guided tour of a local wine cellar - where, of course, we had to taste the produce. Needless to say, we couldn't resist bringing back a couple of cases - after all, we'd got plenty of room in the van!

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and then ...
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On Saturday evening we had to go out to eat again - oh dear! And then on Sunday morning we were given a guided tour of the museum by the director.

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In all, there were about 26 cars, mostly JZRs and Tri-Kings plus a 4-wheeled Lomax and a Bond Bug. We were the only Pembleton and also, this year, the only couple to come over from the UK. (The german 3-wheeler Lomaxes were otherwise engaged at another event, just up the road at Hockenheim so we didn't seem them this year.)

We found the other participants very friendly and they made the effort to include us in spite of our feeble attempts at speaking german. There was a good mix of germans and dutch and two dogs, one of whom was a real 3-wheeler enthusiast.

Next year they are planning to come over to England and hope to coincide their visit with the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show in May (to be confirmed) so please make them as welcome as they did us in September. They really are a great crowd and if you get the opportunity to go over there, take it!

Dave and Nicki Parr

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