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I've received loads of e-mails from foreign parts - mainly France - people have found the site and love the cars! Where can I get one they ask? Despite stating that the site is run by enthusiasts and not Phil Gregory they still ask! It's a shame Phil doesn't do e_mail.

Here are a few of the more interesting ones


good evening,
I am located in France, I recently discovered a 1970 (not sure about exact date)  a 3 wheeler Pembleton (2cv engine),it looks 
as if there is a  possibility  to acquire it, the car needs some restoration,cosmetics, engine, what would be a reasonable 
price to offer,,may I also know the current value for a car in good condition.
Is this car usable in France,  has it been imported?
I am a TR4A owner, and I am very fond of cyclecars, but could not afford a Morgan or a Darmon, shame on me I did not know 
Pembleton, when opening your page, I was just stuck by this car.
thank you to answer my questions, I am really enthusiastic about this possibility

best regards
Martial Douis

The Pembleton was first available in about 1999 so the 1970 date must be from the registration of the original 2CV. 
Is it in France or the UK? If you are buying in UK then it will be a right hand drive - will this cause problems for you? 
Can you get some details - a chassis number would give the age
The value of the car depends on lots of things - if its in France then its worth what you are prepared to pay! I know its not very helpful - good ones sell in UK for 3,000 upwards.
Regards David

RE: question on a Pembleton located in FranceMarie Madeleine DOUIS []
To:  David.Tocher 

Thanks David,
this is real helpfull, I am going to see the car to morrow, it is located in France (atlantic coast)
and I will try to get the chassis no. and will allow myself to send it to you.
RHD is not a problem to me(I lived in London a couple of years)
thanks again, I will keep you posted of the progress I make

A longish one which explains some of the difficulties others have - we might moan aboutSVA/MSVA but at least we can get a Pembleton on the road.

Subject:   Information wanten about pembletonDennis Griek []


First of all I want to complement your team about the achievements of the Pembleton kitcar. 

Second, I'm not sure if  you are the right person to e-mail to. This because I would like to have some extra 
information about a pembleton car. 

At the website is not clear to me which person to went to to get extra information, for instance prices / availability / etc.  

So first of all you need to know some background information. 

I live in the Netherlands, very intresting to build a 2CV based kitcar, probably a pembleton, it looks great!

We have a familiar govern part that controls the vehicels called RDW, familiar to your (as I understand) SVA. 
So the RDW approves / tests to a number of rules etc the car that you can legally drive the car on the road. 
Furthermore if a kitcar is built and you keep 2 of 3 major parts the same, the original license plate will be kept. 
The 3 major parts are: 
       -          Chassis or frame  
       -          Motor + gearbox (complete traction parts / engine / power not sure for the exact english term) 
       -          Looks of a car (not sure for the exact english term) 

The benefit of the original license plate is that a car older as 25 years, get no roadtax payment anymore. 

Therefore, I had the next idea: 

       -          Buy a donor 2CV car. 
       -          Strip it completely.
       -          Renew parts that are rusty etc. 
       -          In case of a bad chassis where welding is no option anymore, we in NL have new RDW approved chassis. 
            o        In this case of an really bad chassis the chassisnumber of this one will be reassigned to the new chassis 
                     only by the RDW with the original license plates. 
       -          So at a certain moment I get an really good / renewed rolling chassis with 4 wheels with no looks
                  and / or feels to a 2CV

At that point is it possible with minor adjustments to adapt the pembleton brooklands frame on the rolling chassis? 

With other words is it easily done to make a pembleton of it at that stage ? Just roughly thinking, it is possible to 
weld some iron parts on the chassis as some kind of adapter.  

But what about the measurements of your developed chassis? is it smaller than a original 2CV ? Wider is not really a 
problem because of welding iron parts to the original frame. 

Is there someone that you know which has a pembleton in NL ? Can you get in me in contact with such person? 

With other words a lot of questions about your amazing car.  

If you are not the right person to talk to, will you please forward the mail to the right person? 

I love to hear from your team. 

Dennis Griek

Hommelsedijk 37 B 
5473 RE Heeswijk Dinther 
GSM +31 6 18118918
Or mail me @ / 

Got this short e-mail

dear sir could you say if i could fit my 1,000cc JTOR AIR COOLED ENGINE in a 3 wheeler kit?
Poss with a gs 5 speed box,
all the best from terry.

Got this from a guy trying to contact Phil for advice on constructing a body - this is his project.


You are bidding on a project three wheeler with all the hard work done. I have 
always liked the early Morgan three wheelers with either the JAP or Matchless 
V twin engines. This is my version with a two litre V4 air cooled engine. This car can also be easily converted to a four wheeled machine with the addition of a HD server rear axle assembly. 


Engine: Milwaulki Wisconson Teledine 2 litre V4 air cooled engine. This motor is new out of a crate - never started. Features points/coil ignition, 12v alternator, mechanical fuel pump, 45 mm duel throat Delorto carby. Stainless steel inlet & exhaust manifolds. Comes with workshop manual. 

Transmission: Volvo 4 speed syncomesh gearbox with Hydraulic clutch. 

Final drive: Chain to rear wheel via Right Angle Power Take off gear box. 

Chassis: Full stainless steel construction with alloy panels - Complete chassis is structurally tacked and needs to be fully welded. 

Hydraulic Brakes.

This car needs to be inspected to see the engineering and value. If you like a bit of a tinker plus you want an outstanding hill climb or weekend sports car with a whole lot of difference - this is for you. I have all the components to complete. 


Tony Lund

Here are some pictures he sent me

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