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The Mean Green, home again from holiday touring in main Sweden


Bertil Klintbom

My wife and I agreed on touring round the big lake Vänern in the south western part of main Sweden. We started the 7th July from the Port of Visby in rain and arrived three hours later in a more sunny Port of Oskarshamn on the Swedish east coast.

We wanted to travel around an look at different places and locations during our travel. We had decided to stay at B§B´s and small hotels or camping sites with cabins to rent.

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Bertil send me the map with an overlay of the route.For some unknown reason this vanished and is lost! The Editor

We were not that fortunate with the weather, we had two days without rain and the other days we had showers. One shower with thunder where specifically heavy. We used good rain clothing and when driving in about 70 km/hour most of the rain passes over the car. The coaming I have made also works good and prevents rain from being forced over the edge at the dash when driving.

We made several nice stops during the way and looked at lots of things and the car always caught big attention. It is funny to be passed on the road and see that the passenger takes photos of you with a cell telephone!

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We also took the opportunity to look at one of the great castles in the southern part of Sweden. The photo shows Läckö slott.

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At the end of the journey I showed off the car at a Cruise evening Oskarshamn and the car got a lot of attention and many of the visitors admired the concept. Many believe that the car is a vintage vehicle and sometimes you have to work hard to convince them that it is a homebuilt and registered as “amateur built vehicle”, the correct term over here.

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We arrived home after the tour and the car had not missed a beat and we had made 1200km with very low petrol consumption, about 0,55 l/10 km).

We are talking about going to Britain in the threewheeler another year and maybe we will do so. It would be great to visit one of the Pembleton meetings!

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Regards from
Bertil and Berit Klintbom

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