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Peterborough Kit Car Show 2008

Sunday 10th August saw Mike Meakin and I making our way to the Peterborough Kit Car Show, a very blustery day but happily mainly dry. The trip, some 60 miles, went very well both Brooklands, one 2CV , one BMW purring along.

We parked at the Citroen Specials stand and soon attracted some attention. Two guys had a particular interest. Colin, who had come over from Ireland, had already ordered his Pembleton from Phil and was very keen to see the finished product. Chris on the other hand had come to make a final decision, and I think our cars convinced him to go ahead. He had an interesting idea that a hybrid car was possible using a diesel/electric combination ---- now that is something different !! Many others came and went and I hope our cars planted a seed that will grow into more Pembletons being created.

The star of the show was this single seater red Maserati look-a-like, based on a Renault, it really was a beautiful creation and came complete with its custom trailer.

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It's stopped raining !

Regards, Alan.

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