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Mudguard problems

A number of people are having problems with stays supporting mudguards fracturing. There have been some discussion of this problem on the forum but I'd like to gather all the available information together.

This has recently happened to Duncan Grimmond and Alan Walker.

Alan reports

The rear tubular mudguard stay has been fracturing just beyond the 'U' bolt anchorage point on the suspension arm. The combined weight of the rear light and the number plate on my car caused a vibration which resulted in the failure. A similar failure occurred on Mike Meakin's car. My solution has been to drill a hole, the internal diameter of the tubular stay, through the lamp mounting plate into the hollow end of the stay and to slide a good fitting solid rod into the whole length of the tube. this is finished off flush and welded in. This beefs up the assembly and so far is working . Phil has added a vertical strip from one of the 'U' bolt arms to the underside of the spat to stiffen up the assembly. I understand that in future the rear light mounting will be on side of the body instead of the stay .

I received this from Alan a bit later.

Just a quick message, I drove over to see Mike this afternoon and would you believe one of my modified mudguard support stays fractured -- this was the inner rod ! so please don't put that modification on the PAG -- its rather suspect. I will have to rethink the whole thing, the amount of bounce of the rear wheels has a great deal to do with it. I have fitted new shocks and will now add the rubber spring dampers which are already on the front springs.

Duncan has sent these pictures of what can happen.

No information available No information available

As this seems to happen fairly frequently could people send me details of their mudguard stays and what sort of problems, if any, they are experiencing details such as front/rear, using Phil's stays or an improved design, fabricated/cycle wings, how they fixed the problem.

If people who have no problems could also pass on information then I will attempt to analyse the data for prevention or cure. The editor

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