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Duplicate chassis numbers


David Tocher/Webmaster for the Pembleton website

The observant viewer of the website chassis register page may have noticed duplicate chassis numbers and a footnote promising an explaination.

If you are sitting comfortably I'll begin. The story started with me receiving this e-mail addressed to the webmaster.

From: Patrick Taylor []


I was just on the Pembleton website catching up on the progress of various builds. Whilst there I had a quick look at the Chassis register and noticed that there is an error. The register shows that a David Tocher has chassis 189. I believe this is incorrect as I have chassis 189. The number on my invoice is PGHSSPT1892005602 which I bought direct from Phil in March of that year. I am quite happy to supply a scanned copy of the purchase invoice if required for your records and confirmation, I'm also happy to supply pictures of the build so for if they would be of use.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.


Patrick Taylor

At this point Patrick didn't know that I (David Tocher) was both webmaster and the owner of #189. My reply

Hi Patrick,

I also have an invoice with chassis # 189! I bought mine as an unstarted project from a guy called Mark Crossby and the full number on the invoice is PGHSSMC1892005602 so at least the initials differ. At this stage I have my number stamped onto the frame and would be very reluctant to alter it. Have you stamped your chassis yet - if not maybe Phil might issue you with a different chassis # (unless he didn't miss out a number in the sequence) for you to use? If you have already stamped the frame then we have to live with it. Looking at the chassis numbers I have on the site register for nearby numbers; #187 is missing and #192 to #195 are missing so one of them might be available. I suppose the best thing is to contact Phil and find out what has gone wrong - I don't have my invoice to hand (it is in Ireland) so don't know the date of purchase. I don't think there's going to be a problem with DVLA/VOSA as they don't know (or care) about the logic behind the numbering system and just require a unique 17 character VIN {stuff deleted}

Out of the blue came another e-mail on duplication of chassis numbers.

From: []

I have chassis 190 (duplicate by the look of it). It is a Supersport LWB and it is under construction in Dorset.

Many thanks and Happy New Year

Chris Day

I replied

Hi Chris,

I must have been very tired when I e-mailed you! I have just realised that you have two Pembletons! Peter Gibbs is the man from down under with #190. I'll copy this e-mail to him for comments.

I'm trying to contact Phil to sort out my duplicated chassis #189. Curious that they are adjacent numbers.

Could you (and Peter 'n Patrick) send me details from the invoice; purchaser name on invoice, full chassis number and the date of invoice? I'll contact Phil and hear what he says and report back. The story should make an item for ePAG34!



I received a reply from Peter

Peter Gibbs []

David , Chris my hopper LWB is PGHSSPG1902005602 Name on invoice Peter Gibbs date of receipt 24 -11- 05 Now registed with that number.... Reg Num PG 000 it doesnt bother me if there are two numbers the same but it shouldn't be .... I can't change mine now...

cheers Peter

I spoke to Phil and had no problems contacting him. A summary of our conversation was sent to the duplicates

Hi guys,

I spoke to Phil yesterday evening and the story is;

He has records of selling #189 to Mark Crossby and #190 to Peter Gibbs. He said the name I Poxon on the invoice that Chris Day holds seemed familiar but couldn't find any record of him. He didn't recall or have any record of Patrick Taylor buying a car. He admitted his record keeping wasn't the best and admitted that his early records were bits of paper in his workshop but he now keeps better records!

I tried to convince him that if he used a computer for this sort of thing and even to use e-mail and the web it would make life easier but he said he'd then be bothered by e-mails which he didn't want! He felt that this problem wouldn't happen again.

The result is that there are two pairs of cars with the same chassis number but because of the initials of the purchaser and the non-standard order of I Poxon/Chris Day's VIN - all the VINs are different which is the important thing.

I don't think its worth losing too much sleep over the duplication.



I got this from Peter Gibbs

Hi as I said I don't care cheers and thanks for you efforts

A reply from Patrick

Hi David,

Thanks for delving into the issues. I'm happy to stick with my number. For your records I'll scan the recipts that I have. Its a bit of a shame Phil has no record of my chassis leaving the factory as it were but never mind. As you say it will make a good story for the ePAG newsletter.


Patrick Taylor

The final outcome is; we will all retain our given chassis numbers relying on the different initials and ordering.

I supect there may be other duplicates lurking out there to be discovered sometime. Silverfish said he would explain the FABTV chassis number of Hornet sometime.

David/The editor

Since I wrote this article in mid March there have been further developments which are here.

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