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Notes from the shed

Peter Gibbs

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Well once again its that time where I get to update you all on whats been happening here in the Antipodes. Well ! Great news we will soon have another nutter in the fold, a fellow enthusiast, Phil Brown, originally from Blighty (who saw the light) literally, as he likes the sun; has ordered a long wheel base Guzzi Kit from Phil and it is on the water as I type.

Phil is a saddler by trade and lives in a place called Mt Tambourine hence the necessity for the Guzzi lump to haul him up and down the Mountain without holding up the traffic. He is only about two hours from me so we will soon be able to have a local chapter and could even have a club run or two without driving 1000 mile to Victoria.

Yes there is still some small patches of Victoria that didn't get burnt out. In all there was over a million acres burnt 3000 plus homes and over 200 dead. And if that wasn't bad enough at the same time we had an area 3 times the size of GB in flood in the north.

Goliath has been running remarkably well till now. The fist 500km it stopped short one day which was a simple deposit on the points, I cleaned that off and away it went for some 5000km till a few days ago.

I was coming back from the village with the Sunday bread etc when 900m from home it coughed and spluttered. I pulled over to the side of the road and it was idling but only just finally stopped and that was that ….

I pushed it up the hill 60m or so then was able to roll don the hill and into my neighbors place where I put it away in their garage and pinched their MG midget to get home.

Returning later in the afternoon I checked for spark, there seemed enough to light up London, compression was 139 psi, fuel bowls were full, took off the bowls rechecked, full again. Then checked the timing, perfect, then the valve clearances, all good. Still wouldn't start.

As I had been playing with the carbs the preceding two days trying to get better starting and better response, I immediately presumed it was the fuel. So I went to the Auto parts store and bought a can of ether under the brand name of “Start you Bastard “. I gave the engine a generous squirt of this and still no go. As there was a large storm approaching I left it in disappointment and went home.

The long and short of the story is that after talking it through with Duncan and Mike and a couple of others - thanks gents. I tried a new condenser and presto away it went. So I have now just ordered a new 123 evo ignition system. when its fitted Ill give you all an update.

Just got the 123 with vacuum advance and find that it wont fit with my direct drive alternator. so this means I will have to alter it to make it fit - nothing is easy or straight forward. here are some pics of a recent trip to Queen Mary Falls .

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Peter Gibbs

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