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External hand brakes

There was a thread on external handbrakes in the forum some while back. The Teal Type 35 uses an external handbrake and the suggestion was to fit one to a Pembleton. Bob Gilpatrick sent some photos and comments which may help.

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Click to enlarge David: Here is a picture of my almost (except for the details) completed Brooklands. For those interested in the external handbrake lever my treatment of the exhaust pipe routing may be a way to accomodate the external lever. My lowered pipes also resolve other issues related to the originally routed pipes.
Bob Gilpatrick
Dave: I am sending you the picture of the rear end of the car where I already have the license plate mounted. Insurance and registration were no problem at all, although the car is registered in Florida as a 2CV using the original title I got when I bought the donor.
Bob Gilpatrick
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Click to enlarge I received these pictures of a Pembleton built in France by Claude - looks a fanatastic build!
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Alan walker is putting a small block 750cc Moto Guzzi engine into his Pembleton.
See here for Alan's report.
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Click to enlarge I received these pictures of a Pembleton from Silverfish. He either didn't send any more details of the build or I lost them - again it looks fanatastic!
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Build in the Bog - a hard lesson
I haven't done much useful work on my build since the last report - I hope to start work in April when I return to Ireland for the summer. While home on one of my short winter trips to Ireland I did find a bit of stainless steel which, by chance, was exactly, to within millimeters, the size required for a full width dash. I spent a few happy hours making a jig and then making a lovely engine turned pattern on it with a press drill. I then covered it in masking tape to prevent scratches, marked it out and then took out the jig saw to cut it to shape when disaster struck! The stainless steel is very hard and I wore out three HSS blades cutting as many inches! Scrapyard metal is an unknown quantity as far as grade is concerned. I tried using nibblers but again didn't get very far (2mm!) as I felt I was going to break either the tool or my wrist or both. If I use an angle grinder I'll get burn marks which won't look pretty so I'll go back to having an aluminium dash unless somebody has another idea for cutting the stainless steel.

David - builder of one of the two #189

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These are pictures of Patrick Tatlor's #189 build

It's not a Pembleton but Charles was interested in replacing a small block for a big block Moto Guzzi. He contacted me for details of the adaptor plate and flywheel carrier. He is based in Oz. This is a picture of his car with the big block engine. Click to enlarge

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