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A plea for material for ePAG There are build pictures and articles but only one report of daring do in this issue. Please, please take a camera along on your next trip and tell everyone about your trip. It can't be the weather that's putting people off driving - just look at the Contents page picture for an example of a trip in the snow. Maybe they are tougher in France than they are in Yorkshire . . . . . On the other hand look how one Yorkshireman copes with everyday winter driving - no I haven't lost my marbles - it's her indoors modelling the cape! Are you brave enough to be seen in public wearing this outfit?

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There is a motorcade at Le Mans and a Three wheeler rally - both in France this summer - I hope we can read all about it in the Autumn ePAG. See here for details of the events.

I'd like reports and pictures from the various shows that take place during the summer - please don't be shy at getting yer name in print!

ePAG newsletters One disadvantage of the quarterly format is the delay in getting newsworthy items out. The upside is the deadline for an issue does concentrate the minds of contributors and the editor. I could just trickle stuff out onto the website as it comes in or continue with the quarterly format. What do you think? I might try issuing ePAG #35 in pdf format which will make the printing of an issue easier than the html format. I'd have to learn how to get pages that look as good as the html format. Have a look at a pdf document in the FooFoo maths page in this ePAG and a wiring diagram from Mike Meakin. Again what do people think?

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Website news There are a number of changes made to the site - some of which are invisible but should improve the functioning of the site. Images and links, from now on, will open in a new window. Do people prefer this? Again let me know. I have completed the changes to the PAG pages so that Google will be able to index them when it next trawls though the site. I decided to maintain the pembleton-archive site for future storage of all full sized images because I was horrified to see how much disc space was used by ePAG33 . Please feel free to comment of the look of the site and suggest improvements.

Photo competion In future I'll try to put a picture of a Pembleton in a scenic location on the front page of the ePAG newsletter. Get your camera out on your next trip. The editor will choose the best pic.

On the Teal website are pictures of dashes and cockpits which might inspire Pembleton builders. They look fantastic.

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I spotted this concept car on the Top Gear web site. It certainly looks very different to a Pembleton - could it be made? How would the drive get to the wheels? The suspension looks like swinging axles which usually give terrible handling.

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