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DIN codes explained

Terminal Significance
1 Low voltage (ignition coil, distributor)
4 High voltage (ignition coil, distributor)
15 Switched positive output from battery, ignition switch
15 a Output at ballast resistor to ignition coil
30 Input direct from battery positive
31 Return direct to battery
31 b Return to battery negative via switch or relay
48 Control of starting terminal at starter motor
49 Turn signal flasher ( pulse generator) input
49 a Turn signal flasher output(pulse generator)
49 b Turn signa1 f1asher output/second flasher output
49 c Turn signal f1asher output/third flasher output
50 Starting motor control (direct)
50 a Starting motor control output at series parallel switch
50 c Starting motor relay input for follow up
51 DC voltage at rectifier of AC alternator
53 Wiper motor output (+)
53 a Wiper (+), parking
53 b Wiper (shunt winding)
53 c Windshield washer pump
53 e Wiper (brake winding)
53 i Wiper motor third brush (high speed)
55 Fog lamp
56 Head lamp
56 a Upper beam + indicator
56 b Lower beam
56 d Head lamp flasher contact
57 Side marker lamp
57 a Parking lamp
58 Side marker, 1icense plate light
59 AC voltage output rectifier input
59 a Charging armature output
59 b Tail lamp armature output
59 c Stop lamp armature output
61 Charge indicator
71 Horn sequence control device
71 a To horns 1 + 2 low
71 b To horns 1 + 2 high
75 Radio, cigar lighter
76 Speaker

Terminal Significance
81 Break and transfer controls, input
81 a First Output
81 b Second Output
82 Make contact, input
82 a Make contact, first input
82 b Make contact, second input
82 z Make contact, first input
82 y Make contact, second input
83 Input
83 a Output position 1
83 b Output position 2

Current Relays
Terminal Significance
84 Drive system and relay contact input
84 a Drive system output
84 b Relay contact, output

Terminal Significance
85 Drive system, output (end of winding negative or ground)
86 Drive system, input start of winding
86 a Start of winding or first winding
86 b Winding tap or second winding
87 Relay contact for brake contact and transfer contact, input
87 a First output
87 b Second output
87 c Third output
87 z First input
87 x Third input
88 Relay contact for make contact input
88 a First output
88 b Second output
88 c Third output
88 z First input contact
88 y Second input
88 x Third input

Generator and Generator Regulator
Terminal Significance
B + Battery positive
B - Battery negative
D + Dynamo positive
D - Dynamo negative
D f Dynamo field
J Alternator with separate rectifier excitation winding positive
K Excitation winding negative
M p Center point terminal
U,V,W Alternator three-phase AC terminals

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