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Bob Gilpatrick - Daytona, Florida, USA

Here are some pictures from an all British car show I attended on April 19, 2009 in Holly Hill, Florida. The Brooklands was a BIG hit. Other pictures show some of the other cars present.
Bob Gilpatrick

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David Muggleton - the new owner of chassis 107

I built my first Citroen special, a Lomax, in 1990. I had just got married and moved house and needed a car for the 60 mile round trip to work each day that was cheaper to run than the Spartan which I had at the time. Having always been a lover of three wheelers, the Lomax fitted the bill. I did my daily commute in this car for three years before changing to a classic BSA motorcycle. For the last five years I have had another Lomax which I have been constantly developing. I felt that I had probably got as far as I could within the limits of the 2CV chassis and began to look around for a new project. I had seen a number of Pembletons over the years but had not investigated much. I took a good look at several at Stoneleigh this year and decided that this was the way to go. I found the website and an advert in the 'For Sale and Wanted' section and here I am with a chassis on the patio (very understanding wife!) and a shed full of bits and pieces. I am currently replacing bearings and bushes so that I can get the chassis rolling. It is my intention to fit the engine which is currently in my Lomax as it is a nice unit with Visa barrels and pistons, a lightened and balanced flywheel and a GS gearbox. I am going to enjoy this build!
I will send some photos as the build progresses.

Stuart Neve - at an early stage of his build of #283

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Alan Walker reports on his Moto Guzzi conversion

Hi David,
I had occasion to swap over starter motors on my Guzzi conversion and discovered a difference between two makes of motor. I have been using a Bosch motor which has a shorter nose than the Ducellier motor and as I mentioned in my article needed no cut out in the aluminium adaptor. There may be similar differences in other makes, you obviously have a long nosed motor.

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Mudguard stay fractures - Alan Walker reports

Hi David,
Thought you might like to have a pic of a simple solution to the cracked mudguard tube problem. The triangle prevents any up and down movement and is light and easy to fabricate using 20mm x 3mm ms strip.

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Alan Walker and Mike Meakin have a day out

A brace of Brooklands

Remains of a Priory Ruin (only the entry gate left) near Pentney. Rest of the fabric of of the Priory appears to have been reused to construct Abbey Farm on a "have we got any more of those stone blocks? No, then pass me some of those red bricks/chalk lumps/large flints" basis!
Alan's Guzzi engine surprised me with it's barrel-chested character. It is much more tolerant of low-speed "lugging" than the BMW, which prefers to spin. Like the BMW, everything smooths out at around 3,000 rpm and 50 to 60 mph is very relaxed. Surprising bark to the exhaust both pulling and on the overrun.

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