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Wooden trim

The edging on the cockpit is all wood. The compound curved sections are done using laminated plywood and the armrests are carved from solid beech. Mike has got my trial pattern for the armrest if you would like to borrow it. Using the plywood method allows you to edge any curve. The car curved shape is transferred to a suitable large sheet of card or similar material. The sheet is then laid on a similar sheet of 4mm 3ply plywood and the curve line transferred. Mark, say 1/2 inch, either side of the curve line and cut this band from the sheet. Using the band as a templet cut another matching band. Scribe down the centre line one ply deep and remove the section which sits on the aluminium side. The two bands are glued and clamped around the curve and allowed to set [ I used waterproof PVA ]. Once set the laminated ply can be shaped to your final profile. You need lots of small clamps for the job and plenty of duct tape! The shaped armrest can then be grafted in. The removed single ply section is the recess for the edge of the curved aluminium. Make sure that the grain of the centre ply of the 3 ply follows the line of the curve. Mike used a chrome tube from a ships chandler to raise the seat belt height --- it looks very good.
Alan Walker

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