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Hello David

Belgium calling base !! :-)

Finally found some nightly hours to work on my Pembleton.
Sorry I'm not the writing type but I've attached some pictures as a tiny
moral support for other struggling "fellas".

For those who are still hesitating to buy cleckos......:-)

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A progress report on #065 from Tony.

Hi there,

Just thought that I would let you know that I have Grasshopper Chassis number 65.
I purchased this new from Phil Gregory a number of years ago. I quickly got it to
rolling chassis stage with an excellent donor car (2CV). I also cut all panels 
ready for bending. Unfortunately it all stopped there and the complete project
 was put on hold and stored in my garage at home. However I am soon
 to re-commence the build so would be very grateful of any help or 
assistance I could receive. I assume the SVA has changed significantly
 since I purchased the chassis so understanding the requirements 
for the Grasshopper now would be a major step.

I live in the village of Hinstock in North Shropshire (Midway between 
Newport and Market Drayton.


 Tony Errington

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